Here are links to great resources, forms and lists to experts and sites that have the critical information that can help you be prepared. To build a 7 day plan gradually - here is a 24 week plan from Alaska that breaks things into a weekly shopping list. has a great fill-in form to start your Family Emergency Plan and the site has a list of suggested supplies for a Family Emergency Kit.
Red Cross has an excellent Disaster Safety Library with information sheets on every type of emergency and what to do.

Over 20 workshops to help you and your family be prepared taught by industry and ministry leaders. Free materials and every family will receive a gift of 72-hr Emergency Food Kit, (a $25 value). In the case of emergencies, were you aware that there is support for those individuals from the city health departments. Invite your family, friends, church, neighbors, co-workers to this informative and educational event.

Indian ocean tsunami emergency response
Natural disaster survival kit list
Electromagnetic pulse attack effects


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