WRONG: We cannot prevent or even control natural disasters, but you can protect your family and safeguard your home by planning ahead. EmailĀ a copy your Family Contact Sheet to close family and friends and to yourself: save a copy on your cell phone and in your ICE contacts list.
For more information, tips and resources on making a Disaster Plan for your family see Ready by FEMA. Your family may not be together when disaster strikes, so it is important to plan in advance: How you will contact one another, how you will get back together, and what you will do in different situations. If you're thinking that Disaster Report is some kind of survival horror game with falling buildings instead of zombies, you're pretty close. In the last few months we have witnessed "natural events" that have resulted in huge disasters with tragic consequences.

The following survival preparedness survey checklist is from information of the latest revision LDS Survival Preparedness Manual. Useful information about emergency preparedness suggests that a family secure a food checklist. This entry was posted in Advocacy, Family, Health Advisory and tagged emergency preparedness plan, family emergency preparedness food checklist, what to prepare for an earthquake on July 10, 2014 by Yami. This Family Disaster Plan Checklist will help you plan to safeguard your family if a disaster strikes.
Print Community Emergency Plan and Resources: Your community has designated emergency shelters, treatment locations, information resources and procedures. The 72-hour emergency kit includes non-perishable goods, medicine, among others, but the food checklist includes a variety of non-perishable and nutritious goods enough to sustain a family for a few days.

Prepare a disaster kit that will allow you to safely remain in your home and provide your family with basic necessities. Planning family activities can help minimize frustration, boredom and stress particularly when children are in your home. While the family discussed about this in passing, we don’t have a solid plan yet on what to prepare or do when earthquake happens.

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