InformationOften you need to give factual information to family members to ensure everyone gets to appointments on time.
Non-VerbalMake sure your facial expression, body language and tone of voice match the content of your communication. ClarityFoster clarity and honesty in your own communication style to set an example to your family.
Frances Evesham has been writing on communication, language and well-being topics for over 20 years. We will be looking at how we can apply NLP Techniques to our every day life looking closely at how we communicate with our children partners & family members.
The Larnaca Parents Network was designed to generate awareness of local events, activities and facilities for families within the local community. points out that the code of conduct your kids learn within the family will support them throughout their lives.
By applying these techniques we can enhance communication overall, reduce relationship conflict and handle relationship disagreements.

That’s not to say everyone must agree with all the other family members at all times. Make sure you tell each member of the family individually what he or she needs to know, using age-appropriate language and writing down relevant dates and times for older kids.
Your family will pick up on any anger or frustration you feel, so make sure you tell them when it's not their fault you feel that way. Help your family to communicate more positively so they find ways to resolve conflicts while still maintaining close bonds. Use a family calendar, notes on the refrigerator or on kitchen notice boards to avoid confusion.
Use positive non-verbal communication, including hugs and kisses, to offer comfort and support family bonds. Choosing to withdraw (except temporarily, strategically) when your child seems intent on driving you away is ALWAYS a mistake.  Use the difficulties that come up to bring your family closer.
Remember -- your kids learn from your example, so pay special attention to your own communication skills.

Any unspoken problem (the proverbial elephant in the living room) will kill healthy family dynamics.  Many families struggle with communication and find sweeping things under the rug the most desirable and expedient form of problem-solving. Addiction is so powerful and impacts everyone in the family so greatly that it may be one of the few reasons big enough for them to actually come together and honestly look at themselves as a unit and as individuals.Because the recovering addict does not have the luxury of sleepwalking through life, she may be the most helpful part of the process. The family therapist will now be able to use this as an entree into some hidden family dynamics.Family work is hard and can put increased stress on an already fragile system. However, it is a profound opportunity for improving communication by discovering the hidden forces that distort and confuse our lives.
The family members of addicts can take advantage of the crisis of addiction to avail themselves of the dual opportunity to support their loved one in recovery while discovering something vital about themselves.

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