Yet even for all these telling glimpses into the minutiae of daily life, your refrigerator door reveals much more about your middle-class family. The sheer volume of objects clinging to it may indicate how much clutter can be found throughout your home.
Managing the volume of possessions was such a crushing problem in many homes that it actually elevated levels of stress hormones for mothers.
Consistent and troublesome bottlenecks emerged in the homes, yet families rarely devoted renovation dollars to remedying these obvious problems. Even in a region with clement year-round weather, the families hardly used their yards, and this was the case even among those who had invested in outdoor improvements and furnishings. The researchers doggedly videotaped the activities of family members, tracked their every move with position-locating devices and documented their homes, yards and activities with reams and reams of photographs.
The researchers then plotted, compared and correlated the mountains of data they had collected over the course of four years.

With parents constantly on the go and kids more digitally connected than ever before (be it at home or in the classroom), families are facing increased challenges to stay caught up with the latest technology. Apps, gadgets, and “smart” technology for the family are largely in focus at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, NV, this year. Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault hosts a tree trimming party and the 3 Chefs are whipping up the delicious treats! By cooking these potatoes in apple cider instead of water, Chef Jason Parsons adds a big boost of flavour to this delicious appetizer. By clicking "Create Account", I confirm that I have read and understood each of the website terms of service and privacy policy and that I agree to be bound by them.
Furthermore, that clutter provides a strong clue to how much stress Mom feels when she walks through the door at the end of a day at work. Sloan Foundation, CELF sent a team of professional archaeologists, anthropologists and other social scientists to conduct a systematic study of home life in 32 middle-class, dual-income families in Los Angeles.

They asked family members to narrate videotaped tours of their homes and took measurements at regular intervals of stress hormones via saliva samples.
The project generated almost 20,000 photographs, 47 hours of family-narrated video home tours and 1,540 hours of videotaped family interactions and interviews. Just paste in a URL in a separate paragraph to the page where you would normally view the media (like on YouTube) and it will automatically be embedded into your comment. Please check your email, click the link to verify your address, and then submit your comment. If you can't find this email, access your profile editor to re-send the confirmation email.

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