It's said that the Second World War was the Women's Institute's finest hour and ITV's new drama Home Fires will illustrate just how hard the ladies who stayed behind worked to keep the nation running.
Fires victimize hundreds of thousands of people in the US every year tragically resulting in thousands of deaths. On a whim, I bought a copy of this recent ITV series and in spite of the sluggish establishment of facts, I’m glad I did. Getting off to a slow start, the first episode earned a half-hearted reaction as I watched it. Home Fires is now available for preorder (October 27th) on Amazon and it will air on PBS Masterpiece Theatre in the U.S this fall, beginning Sunday, October 4th. Home Fires follows the exploits of a group of inspirational women in a rural Cheshire community.

Every home has numerous elements that could potentially trigger a devastating fire at any time. The Midwest is home where she’s a small town, self-diagnosed Bookaholic, fairytale addict, and lover of one-too-many television fandoms.
Bossy Frances (Bond) and snobbish Joyce (Annis) are warring for control on the home front, while each and every member of the WI has her own struggle to face.
The number of familiar faces you’ll encounter will also delight serious British drama fans. Fortunately, a second season has been ordered, meaning that stark final image of Home Fires inaugural season is not all we’re to have.
She’s currently an avid blogger who enjoys interacting with readers, and is working on her first novella and novel.

In fact, though the story is nothing like it, watching this put me in the mind of the classic American Girl Molly stories. Merely for the fact of the efforts these women take to, in a very real sense, fight along with their men.

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