Large parts of Worcester city centre could be closed for a week because of flooding, the county council has said. There are currently no severe flood warnings in the Anglia region, but some flood warnings remain in place across the East for tonight's high tides.
Thousands of fish have been evacuated from a sea life sanctuary in Hunstanton in Norfolk following last night's flooding. A series of major storms went on to batter the country, starting on the 5 and 6 December, causing disruption for many as the strong winds and rain brought down power lines, flooded homes and triggered landslips.Thousands of people were evacuated and England's east coast experienced the worst tidal surge in 60 years.

As rain continued to fall and floods worsened, a "major incident" was declared in late January by two councils - Somerset County and Sedgemoor District - in a bid to mobilise extra support. Moorland landowner Sam Notaro is doing his best to fight the floodwaters by building a barrier around his recently-built home.
For weeks, the village of Muchelney has only been accessible by boat, as roads are submerged beneath the floodwater.
A combination of high winds, rain and strong waves battered the coastline and also caused flooding further inland.

Wednesday will bring wintery showers, gale force winds and heavy rain in parts of south and west England, Mr Cleaton said, with gusts of over 70mph expected in Devon and Cornwall.'High risk'Minister Eric Pickles answered an urgent question put by Labour in the Commons on the flooding crisis. The Met Office said much of southern England and parts of the Midlands had seen twice the average rainfall for January.

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