The National Naval Observatory says we'll have 12 hours and 9 minutes of daylight Thursday as winter switched to spring. Source: Northeast Ohio Media Group analysis of data from National Climatic Data Center and National Weather Service. The area saw slightly above normal precipitation and temperatures, but below normal snowfall.3. Sub-zero, again and againWe ended up with 10 days in which it was below zero, more than any other winter in Cleveland in 30 years.

10 that dropped about an inch of snow, which quickly melted, but froze when colder air moved the next day leading to major traffic problems.8. Warm startHard to believe now, after weeks of mostly cold weather, but it was 63 degrees on Dec. Including some snow that fell in November and December last year before the official start of winter, we stand at 77 inches this time.
Snow daysThere was at least a trace of snow two-out-of-three days this winter (62 in all), ranking this year third out of the last 50 in that regard.

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