A landslide or landslip are a natural disaster, something which is unfortunately unavoidable.
If an area has some pre conditional factors, it could help to build up a lot of problems, sub surface problems and conditions from arising.  The conditions could make the slope to continuously product landslides. Glaciers can also have a landslide – there is not much of a different from a cliff top.  Instead, the ice melts or is subject to heavy rain and causes a slight shift from a glacier. However, these are all natural causes for a landslide to occur but human activities can contribute to cause a landslide.
Sometimes, there can be the domino effect with a landslide because if a small part of the slope breaks away, more and more creating the domino effect.  When a landslide has a mass volume ready to fall through to it being unstable, it does create the domino effect and can cause total devastation also.
Some landslides are actually shallow, which can be less dangerous.  Of course, all landslides are dangerous but most of the shallow landslides are found in less populated areas meaning less damage and less devastation also. Some landslides which are deep seated will mean there has been a slope failure on a large scale.

In 2011, the big landslide occurred in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.  The death toll reached 600 people.
When soil, rock, and other earth debris can no longer hold it together and gives way to gravity, landslides happen. The downward force of a landslide can move slowly, (a mere millimeters per year) or quickly with disasterous effects. Landslides can be triggered by earthquakes, volcanic activity, changes in groundwater, a disturbance or change of slope.
However, some landslides happen on the biggest landmarks in the world, such on mountains like Japan’s Kiho.
The land with human modification, wildfire and damaged vegetation are prone to landslides if they are located in the sloping area.
This can be things such as debris and rock failing.  A landslide can occur on shore or off shore and usually at coastal lines but it is the gravity that forces the debris and rocks to fall and for a total landslide to occur.

Mud and debris combined landslides can cause a lot of damage to properties as well as human life.  With landslides, it could cause blockage of water flowing through normally. This has been the scene of deep seated landslides but still it does look magnificent to view. To view the detail landslides on both place, the scientists launched satellites to collect the information. Slow, steady rainfall over a long period of time may trigger deeper, slow-moving landslides.
Though, the speeds in which the landslides move can all vary and sometimes depend on the water content within the landslide.

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