Having an evacuation map is not just a good idea, it’s required by law to meet most local fire codes. If your organisation employs five or more people you must perform a fire risk assessment (Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005). There is also ISO 23601:2009, Safety identification – Escape and evacuation plan signs – a standard that establishes the design principle for displaying escape plans that provide information vital to fire safety, escape, evacuation and rescue of a building’s occupants. Visual Building is ideally suited for preparing and maintaining such floor plans for all sizes of business and public buildings. Once a floor plan has been created for the purpose of a Fire Escape Plan, it is a very simple to use the same plan for a Key Plan, Risk Plan and Fire Extinguisher Plan. Visual Floor Planner, an alternative product more suitable for hotels and small to medium buildings. Use Visual Building where precision and large plans are criteria, and use Visual Floor Planner where speed to create is a criteria. Watch this  tutorial video demonstrating how to create a fire escape plan using Visual Building + Visual Building Fire Escape Plan Catalogue.

These fire escape plans can be achieved with any version of Visual Building used together with the Fire Escape Plan Catalogue, which is available as a separate download.
Many of the symbols contained within the Visual Building Fire Escape Plan Catalogue are the copyright of BSI Standards Ltd, and we are pleased to acknowledge that BSI Standards Ltd (BSI) has granted Visual Building Ltd permission to include their copyrighted safety sign symbols within the catalogue. For Hotel Fire Escape Plans: Its easy to create multiple floor plans, and individual room plans to indicate best means of escape. If you need to create only 2D plans then you should also consider using our Visual Floor Planner software. Vulcan Fire can prepare your plan for you ensuring your staff stay safe and your company remains compliant. Building occupants shall convene at the designated initial evacuation site upon an emergency requiring evacuation.
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Highlight important elements on the map (exit points, fire extinguisher locations, etc) in color.

It is your legal duty to ensure that there are adequate fire evacuation procedures in place, with additional evacuation procedures for disabled people. This does mean however that the Visual Building Fire Escape Catalogue is only suitable for use in the United Kingdom. Visual Floor Planner is not as comprehensive as Visual Building, which means you can create your 2D floor plans a lot quicker. It should be a safe distance away from the building to provide adequate protection from fire and any onsite hazards such as chemicals or explosive materials. To help identify fire evacuation procedures, evacuation routes and the location of fire fighting equipment to staff and visitors, it is recommended that floor plans are prepared and displayed in prominent locations.

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