This policy defines acceptable methods for disaster recovery planning, preparedness, management and mitigation of IT systems and services at Weill Cornell Medical College. REALSERVE provide accurate and compliant evacuation diagrams and fire safety plans showing all fire safety equipment, assembly areas and evacuation points with accuracy. If you would like to talk about your disaster preparedness plan and emergency planning resources, contact our Diocesan Disaster Preparedness leaders, Canon Dennis McManis and Deacon Micheal Sircy. The “Evacuation Plan Template Package” is a professionally produced, ready to use template package for any production or office environment. What is it: An Evacuation Map or Evacuation Diagram is usually an A4 size document that is displayed in a main entrance or passage way that shows the procedure to follow in an event of an emergency and that an evacuation of the work place is required. Where to use it: The Evacuation Map or Evacuation Diagram should be placed in a high visibility area where both employees and visitors will see during the entrance of the building, and also in main passage ways through out the building.

When to use it: The Evacuation Map should be seen daily and used to assist in case of an evacuation is needed.
How to use it: Evacuation Map should have an illustration of the layout of the Building and an evacuation point incorporated into the image.
The Chartitnow Evacuation Map and Evacuation Diagram templates are quite simple to use, a diagram of your work space floor pan is shown in the main view, where emergency symbols from the bottom of the template is than placed on the diagram to illustrate to the reader the essential locations of the emergency exits, fire extinguisher, first aid kits and so on is located. Having an evacuation map is not just a good idea, it’s required by law to meet most local fire codes. An evacuation map will show anyone who enters the building the central evacuation point that everyone needs to meet after the building has been evacuated. It is important to familiarize yourself of the Evacuation Map or Evacuation Diagram if you are in a new unfamiliar building to know where all the exists and meeting points are just in case of an emergency.

The Evacuation Diagram will also contain important information on what to do in an emergency with important phone numbers shown if further action is need to be taken. The Evacuation Map or Evacuation Diagram should also include the location of important safety equipment such as fire alarm buttons, fire hoses, fire extinguishers, etc should they need to be required. The Evacuation Map should also be updated when ever there is a change in the building or change of emergency equipment or procedures.

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