The Environment Agency has released a new set of symbols to make its flood warning messages clearer to understand.Floodline Warnings Direct is the system used to send messages to those at risk of flooding from rivers and the sea. Our flood warning widget allows you to embed our live Flood Warnings onto a page on your website.
Flood Alert: Used to warn people of the possibility of flooding and encourage them to be alert, stay vigilant and make early preparations for flooding. This will replace the previously issued Flood Watches, and will have a new definition, icon and accompanying advice. As the UK floods of recent years have proved — water can be a hugely destructive force.
The various levels of warnings demand different courses of action and a flowchart or decision tree with these depicted will be invaluable in your time of need. Eric is an Environmental Advisor with the Flood Team, an avid rail enthusiast and Scouts Chairman. In the summer floods of 2007, two-thirds of properties suffered from surface water flooding, not river flooding. The Centre, where Met Office and Environment Agency staff work under one roof, has three key objectives: One - to provide emergency services and other responder organisations with flooding advice. The summer floods of 2007 saw over 55,000 homes and businesses flooded, over 1,000 people rescued and the cumulative claims to insurance companies estimated at £3 billion.
If you live in an area at risk of flooding from a nearby river or the sea, the Agency even have a Flood Warning service from which you can receive free emails or a text message day or night for your home or business. The FFC also provides a number of weather services to the Environment Agency including heavy rainfall and strong-wind warnings as well as the UK coastal monitoring and forecasting service. But there is still a long way to go before a full surface-water flood warning service is set up. The three types of warning - Flood Alert, Flood Warning and Sever Flood Warning - are expected to be introduced at the end of November, 2010. The refresh command means that the Environment Agency web page is reloaded every 10 minutes, Not your own website.

These services provide two new channels for people at flood risk to access flood warning information from the Environment Agency. Over 5 million people in England and Wales live and work in properties that are at risk of flooding from rivers or the sea.
But floods can be incredibly difficult to predict, principally because they are usually dependent on a combination of factors. Having already thought through flooding scenarios for your property (including surface water) and readied any necessary resources, you will minimise the impact any flood will have on your home and wellbeing.
In serious cases of flooding, knowing your insurance details will get the ball rolling quicker. This gave the emergency services and other parties enough chance to prepare for the floods before they happened. The Google Chrome Widget was developed to allow quick and easy access to live flood warnings in force across England and Wales from a web browser. A Flood Alert will be issued earlier than a Flood Warning, to give customers advance notice that flooding is possible. As the name implies, your Personal Flood Plan is personal to you and your family or business so it will be bespoke to your needs. But thanks to the Flood Forecasting Centre (FFC), more and more disasters have been avoided. In its first three months of operation, the FFC received more than 200 requests from responder organisations to sign up for the daily Flood Guidance Statement and around 1,000 registrations for the web service. The relevant information was issued through Flood Guidance Statements, which cover coastal flooding, tidal flooding and extreme rainfall. All of the AA’s top 20 flood rescue spots are in England, with 12 of them located at fords. Flood Warning: Used to warn people of expected flooding and encourage them to take action to protect themselves and their property. The Flood Forecasting Centre (FFC) is a joint Met Office and Environment Agency service to provide early, integrated flood warnings.

The alerts look at factors that could lead to surface water flooding such as the capacity of drains, rainfall thresholds and the probability of extreme rainfall breaching those thresholds. The ford on Rufford Lane in Newark, Nottinghamshire, with 96 flood-related rescues in five years, has been named the number one flood-accident hot spot in the UK.
Severe Flood Warning: Used when there is a significant risk to life or significant disruption to communities and we need to encourage customers to take action to protect themselves and follow the advice of the emergency services.
Here is a simple guide, provided by the Government to help understand flood risk and the action you should take with each level. Surface water flooding is notoriously hard to predict - especially in urban areas where heavy rainfall can saturate the ground and form pools of water. The largest number of rescues from flood water on a single day in the last five years was 642 on Christmas Eve 2013. Which is precisely why the Met Office and Environment Agency have combined their expertise to form the Flood Forecasting Centre. The FFC has reduced the time between predicting rainfall and identifying when surface water flooding is a risk - leading to more timely Flood Guidance Statements.
Only just over a third (36%) of members would turn around and go another way if the road ahead was completely covered by standing flood water. Set up in April 2009 by the Met Office and Environment Agency, the FFC was formed in response to the Pitt Review's recommendations for the two organisations to work more closely together - itself a response to the summer floods of 2007. The figure of 20million UK drivers that would risk driving through flood water has been calculated based on the percentages in the survey being applied to the total number of driving licence holders in the UK, which currently stands at around 34 million.
Users of the Flood widget should be aware that if the FWIS service is unavailable due to scheduled maintenance or service interruption (however caused) this would result in a temporary loss of the data for this service during this period of downtime.
Men are more likely to take risks than women – 66% of male drivers compared with 54% of female drivers would risk driving through flood water.

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