Biblical end time, prophecy-believing evangelical Christians and apocalypse conspiracy theorists are warning people to look out for imminent dramatic events that will usher in the apocalyptic end of the world as night skies turn eerie blood-red across the world this Easter.
Predictions by prominent end time prophetic preachers are generating an air of heightened anticipation among Evangelicals and end time conspiracy theorists who believe that biblical prophecies have foretold the events to unfold over this weekend.
Tetrad cycles are very rare, having occurred only three times in the past 500 years and only a few times in the past 2,000 years. According to Hagee, each time a Tetrad cycle occurred in the last 1,000 years, there was a significant event in Jewish history.

While Evangelicals and end time conspiracy theorists consider the blood red color ominous in prophetic terms, astronomers say it is only a reflection of light from sunsets and sunrises.
But while end time Evangelicals are looking up to the skies to read prophetic messages about culminating events in the Middle East that signal the end of the world, millions of people will be looking up at the skies to view just another rare astronomical event which, unlike a total solar eclipse, may be viewed with the unprotected eye.
Saturday’s eclipse will be the third in a series of four successive total blood-moon eclipses that will end on September 28, 2015.
Believers point to predictions of heavenly portents heralding the end of the world in New Testament biblical prophecy.

Evangelical Christians and end time conspiracy theorists, however, believe that the rare blood moon effect has special supernatural significance due to its coincidence with the Jewish annual feasts.

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