I agree, if they did use an EMP bomb on us, our retaliation on them would be total devastation and they know it.
Since EMP is a line-of-sight weapon, detonating one of these nukes about 300 miles above Nebraska could end life as we know it in America in about one second. Within a matter of days, once people realize the power might not be coming back on and grocery store shelves start emptying, the entire system will begin to delve into chaos. Part of that estimate is that our research shows that a local or regional EMP attack is more likely than a coast-to-coast attack. 4) There is also the possibility of local attacks using non-nuclear EMPs, which are a growing threat. Even if someone was able to hit us with a single multi-megaton EMP blast, power systems would slowly come back. Some signatures to this letter are from people who-like a growing number of Americans-have only recently learned about the EMP threat and find it hard to believe that our government has permitted it to continue.
An EMP is like a super-energetic radio wave from natural or manmade causes that can damage and destroy electronic systems across vast regions, potentially across the entire continental United States, across Europe, or any other country that has not hardened its electric power grid. A coronal mass ejection from the Sun can generate a natural EMP with catastrophic consequences.
As we have known for over a half-century from actual test date, even more damaging EMP effects would be produced by any nuclear weapon exploded a hundred miles or so above the United States, possibly disabling everything that depends on electronics for control or operations within a line of sight from the explosion. Russia and China have already developed nuclear EMP weapons and many believe others possess EMP weapons including North Korea and soon Iran-and likely their terrorist surrogates. We urge that the above mentioned PSD assure funding to harden the critical elements of our electric power grid and especially our nuclear facilities to assure their recovery from either a natural or manmade EMP event.
The National Academy of Sciences subsequently independently re-examined the EMP Commission’s warnings about the consequences of a geomagnetic super-storm and arrived at the same conclusion and endorsed the recommendations of the EMP Commission.
In addition, we urge that you PSD include near-term improvements to our operating ballistic missile defense (BMD) systems to assure they can defend against the manmade EMP threats as quickly as possible-before the electric grid can be hardened. Thus, once Iran has a nuclear weapon, even a primitive one, with a small number of long-range missiles it can use an EMP attack to threaten our survival as a nation and, indeed, the existence of modern society. The Iranians, who do not yet have nuclear weapons but are working on it, learned about the effects of electromagnetic pulse attacks from the history of some of the first nuclear weapons tests conducted first by the United States in 1945 and later by the Russians and Chinese, who also are expert on EMP. Military experts say that Iran has been involved in conducting mid-air detonations which are critical to acquire the EMP effect.

Experts say that there really is no other reason to test for such mid-air explosions except to develop an EMP weapon. He said that in addition to Iran, the following countries have knowledge about EMP and its effects following an attack: Britain, France, Germany, Israel, Egypt, Taiwan, Sweden, Cuba, India, Pakistan, Iraq, North Korea, China and Russia. Starfish Prime then was followed in November 1962 by two other high-altitude tests – Bluegill Triple Prime and Kingfish – which provided enough EMP data for scientists to accurately identify the physical mechanisms producing the EMPs.
To understand the characteristics of an EMP, scientists have divided EMP pulses into three components: E1, E2 and E3.
Above the 250-mile altitude, there will be no EMP effects on earth, since the gamma rays would disperse over the longer distance. Up to 250 miles above the earth over Kansas, for example, scientists say that the effects of an EMP pulse would cover virtually the entire continental United States. Bartlett, who recently lost his bid for re-election, has been a major proponent of preparing the nation against the prospect of an EMP attack. The preliminary report made a strong point on the interdependence of elements of the infrastructure that could show a cascading effect if subject to an EMP attack.
All other infrastructures and their critical functions, the report said, are dependent on the support of electric power and telecommunications, suggesting that emphasis be placed on protecting these two high-leverage systems.
While your electronics will certainly be better off in you gun safe than they would on you roof, the safe will not seal out all the damage from the EMP.
Peter Vincent Pry, a former CIA nuclear weapons analyst and president of EMPact America, a citizens lobbying group. In our site’s EMP simulator, we show how smaller bombs could be targeted at major population areas on the east coast. Instead of an even pattern that diminishes evenly away from the central point, the peak fields in an EMP have a horseshoe like shape.
Intelligence Community, published in its 2012 unclassified Global Trends 2030 report that an EMP is one of only eight Black Swan events that could change the course of global civilization by or before 2030. These efforts can be guided by a mainstream scientific consensus, first established by the congressionally mandated EMP Commission, which examined nuclear and natural EMP and delivered its first classified report to Congress in 2004 and its final unclassified report in 2008. The Congressional EMP Commission assessed that a nationwide blackout lasting one year could kill nine of 10 Americans through starvation and societal collapse. Bush by the two secretaries of defense nine years ago with respect to striking North Korea may turn out to be advice to which President Obama should give heed for one or both of these rogue states.

Peter Vincent Pry is executive director of the EMP Task Force, and served in the EMP Commission, the Strategic Posture Commission, the House Armed Services Committee and the CIA. President, Iran’s anti-nuclear fatwah notwithstanding, a nuclear EMP attack that causes a protracted national blackout killing millions, because the holocaust would be an indirect collateral consequence of technological collapse, would be perfectly Shariah compliant use of the Islamic bomb. EMP Commission referred to research that had been done in determining which countries had the knowledge and possible intentions of undertaking an EMP attack. Spence National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, for Fiscal Year 2001 had established the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse Attack, also referred to as the EMP Commission. No official study denies the view that an EMP is a potentially catastrophic societal threat that needs to be addressed urgently. It is imperative that plans are immediately implemented to protect America’s at least 100 nuclear reactors and their co-located spent fuel storage facilities from an EMP.
NASA recently warned that the likelihood of such a geomagnetic super-storm is 12 percent per decade; so it is virtually certain that a natural EMP catastrophe shall occur within our lifetime or that of our children. North Korea and Iran have tested their missiles in ways that can execute EMP attacks from ships or from satellites that approach the U.S.
Both countries have been considering limited nuclear attack options that employ EMP as the primary or only means of attack.
This E2 component has many similarities to EMPs produced from lightning and can easily be protected since lightning protection readily is available.
The American people need you to lead the efforts to protect our nation from an EMP catastrophe. The Commission estimated a one-time cost of $2 billion for EMP protection of the national electric grid, which is about what the U.S.
The governments in the USA are systematically destroying the greatest wealth producing economic engine in the history of the world.

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