Even though we’ve all seen the effects of solar flares and their ability to knock out electricity and communications, some do not believe that an EMP attack will lead to social collapse. As someone that loves to tinker with electronic devices, I am a firm believer in the potential for both natural (odds have increased substantially in the last few months because Earth’s magnetic field is weakening faster than expected) and human-made EMP attacks. That being said, I also know that many of the worst problems that will come from an EMP attack can be reduced by using older technologies that rely on electronic components which are far less vulnerable to an EMP. Interestingly enough, everything from the first telephones, victrolas, and radios, to televisions and nuclear bombs operated without the use of microchips and other semiconductor components that are highly vulnerable to EMP attack.
Unfortunately, if you walk into a Radio Shack these days, all you see are endless arrays of cell phones and pre-built devices while “old fashioned” electronic components are relegated to dusty bins in the darkest corner of the store. To add insult to injury, project kits for kids these days are little more than solar cells, snap together robots, and an IC chip that do very little in the way of hands on educational building and exploration. This article about EMP's is very good and kind of goes along the book "Nine Days To Anarchy" by Farrell Kingsley.

Grintch, respectfully, your vehicle wont work if hit by an EMP, so the inverter wont either, without a power source. I have at times looked for instructions to build a small EMP device, but as usual, I cannot find any.
We had everything from radios, computers, phones, and TVs to nuclear bombs and airplanes long before satellites and solid state electronics arrived on the scene.
All of your arguments in favor of preserving current technology as it is currently employed center around one thing: convenience. I don't view an EMP attack, a nuclear bomb, or a plague as weapons of mass destruction in and of themselves.
While you may not be able to repair a cell phone or computer, these old technologies offer a starting point that can be used for survival, and ultimately, recapturing lost solid state and other technologies. Please study more on the current events going on with the magmospear, understand it, if we are hit by EMP either the sun or man made, NOTHING will work, the gentleman is RIGHT, 100% right.

Salt water batteries and solar cells are not going to save technology in a post-EMP environment. Mythbusters built one that was quite effective, blocking radios, cell phone signal, etc, out of a simple box of brass mesh. In any case, unless your vehicle, is very old, and has no computer, an EMP will destroy its spark, one can make your own small EMP devise, that will knock out a vehicle, for about 5 bucks, its NOT science fiction.

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