As with my last device, if a striking ground is not offered, or is too far away, pale purple sparks jump all the gaps with a very soft cracking sound. The principle of operation is simple enough, the first cap is charged through the 10M resistor, the second through the device under test.
Schematic 4-stage Marx generator and actual realization, photographed in the moment of discharge.
To this end, during the charging, the energy for at least the next trigger pulse is stored in a suitable energy storage device, preferably a capacitor.
An advantage over cascades is that there is only one cap per stage (and no diodes at all, making it a rather robust device).
Flash x-rays and the simulating of electro magnetic pulse (EMP) from nuclear detonations are possible using this device.

If the NEMP is on the ground the explosion has a larger range than the EMP but in the air (e.g. We Will Buy Your Used or Surplus High Voltage Equipment ; We are constantly evaluating and purchasing used and surplus high voltage devices and components. I would like to make one and get familiar with EMP's cause when I get older I want to design weapons. The use of semiconductors usually requires special circuit precautions and shielding from the EMP generated by most of the discharges. Just a slack handful of bits and pieces (although somewhat exotic devices are required) will build you a respectable noise and light show that can be powered nicely with a flyback or similar source of kilovoltage DC.
I am still waiting on a few other capacitor types to arrive, but most are of the same make as these devices, just different voltage and capacitance ratings.

Also any USB device input into a nearby computer can be adversly affected usually terminating the program utilizing the USB device. The American military have been doing research into them because an EMP could be used to take out an underground bunker without killing anyone. The entire stored energy in the first cap flows through the device under test as fast as it allows. If you think about it though, a nuclear bomb is an EMP, a NEMP (nuclear electromagnetic pulse) to be precise, because gamma rays from the nuclear blast knocks electrons out of their orbits.

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