In 2010, an executive summary from the Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission,warned that an EMP would destroy the power grid, or at minimum, would seriously damage it.
America would see catastrophic conditions immediately take place in our hospitals and convalescent centers. One of the most tragic developments arising from an EMP attack with the fate of schoolchildren geographically isolated from their parents who have already commuted to work.
The greatest threat to human survival, in the aftermath of an EMP attack, is the public’s availability to obtain clean drinking water. I have read the Naval War College projections which tell us that within two years of the event, 90% of all Americans would be dead.
For a mere two billion dollars, the United States has the ability to mitigate most of the damage of an EMP attack. Before an event such as an EMP, it is vital as part of prepping to meet people in your community that are also preparing just in case a catastrophe hits.
The most malicious threat would be a High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP).  A HEMP attack would have a devastating impact on all the normal channels of government coordination and communication, including intelligence and data gathering assets, and nuclear forensics.

Reuniting parents and their children would be next to impossible for the majority of Americans who have a 30 minute commute or more to work (20 miles).
An EMP attack would reduce most Americans to a violent existence in the first stage, Nomadic Hunting and Gathering. Jim Garrow explains how the actions of an Army General, an Air Force General, and a Navy Admiral, who were in charge of safeguarding the nation’s nuclear stockpile, saved the lives of 300 million Americans from the catastrophic effects of a planned false flag  EMP attack on the United States.
DeanNUCLEAR POWER PLANTS - KNOW WHERE THE CLOSEST TO YOU IS LOCATEDAnother point made by commenter "smilardog" is that nuclear power plants would go into meltdown mode after an EMP. Under such circumstances, it is judged unlikely that the source of a  HEMP attack, given even a minimal attempt to disguise it, would ever be known.
For the heroic act of foiling this attack, the three military officers were vilified by the Obama administration in public.
When America emerges from the event, the NSA police state surveillance grid would be permanently in place for the extreme martial law dictatorship that will follow.
House of Representatives on July 8, 2011, a limited number of critical radio stations are being retrofitted with some EMP protection.  However, most of us will be without the benefit of mass communication.

In the following video, feast your eyes on what many say could not happen, Chinese troops on American soil! In a time of an EMP attack, the availability of water, as well as the safety of water would come into question for the vast majority of Americans.
We'll leave early, people are saying stores are going to be emptied and won't be able to get deliveries.
John: Reports are coming in from all over, looting has started in some areas all across the country as word is filtering through that it was an EMP attack and that there is no way to know how long it will be before anyone has power again. Finding empty shelves should have been expected, but they never paid attention to those warning to be prepared for anything.Depending on the neighborhood, looting may have already begun as people start to panic when they do not know if they can feed their families.
With the stores empty some will turn their eyes towards their neighbors, gangs will form to start raiding houses to scavenge for food and water.

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