The price of all our EMI shielding products are available on request and depends on order quantity.
EMC gasket consisting of a core covered with knitted mesh made of Monel, tinplated copperweld, steel, aluminium or phosphor bronze.
Ideal to use as EMI shielding, grounding and static discharge (ESD) or as alternative for finger strips or sticky fingers. EMI shielding gasket for screwed applications, available in aluminium and zinc-plated steel.
Oriented Wire Shield 5711 - 5722 is a composite gasket material consisting of a large number of small wires embedded and bonded in solid or sponge silicone, or fluor silicone elastomer for oil-resistance.

Water sealing EMI gaskets for screwed applications like panels, displays and windows, and is also a dust seal. Endless gaskets are suitable for many applications in which both an EMI shielding gasket and a water seal are required.
From board-level shields and Fabric-over-Foam gaskets, to fingerstrips and die-cut gaskets according to your drawing. Aerospace, automotive electronics, computers, data communications, general electronics, medical equipment, military, network equipment, telecommunications – Holland Shielding Systems BV provides electromagnetic interference shielding to more high-tech industries in more places around the world than any other EMI specialist. Omega Shielding Products is your leading source of high-performance, electromagnetic (EMI) and radio frequency (RFI) interference solutions.

These electrically conductive gaskets can be cut into any desired shape according to your drawing. One side of the Hook & Stick-on gasket fits over the flange to provide additional mechanical security. All these smooth-to-the-touch gaskets are ideal for bi-directional applications, require only a low closing force and provide continual snag-free operation.

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