In addition to managing EMI emissions and susceptibility, Stockwell Elastomerics' conductive gaskets are used for environmental sealing. EMI shielding materials are an extension of Stockwell Elastomerics' silicone rubber capabilities - EMI gaskets can be die cut, water jet cut or compression molded from electrically conductive silicone rubber compounds with age and weather resistance or conductive fluorosilicone rubber for additional chemical resistance.
Nickel-graphite filled silicone gaskets are widely used for commercial applications where the higher cost of silver or copper filled materials is prohibitive.
Designers in defense and aerospace related applications are now specifying nickel-graphite filled silicone gaskets for custom molded gaskets, O-rings and fabricated gaskets, thereby reducing costs of applications where silver filled or silver plated particle filled compounds were previously specified.
In the right quantities, molding custom EMI gaskets offers engineers significant unit cost savings over die cutting.
Stockwell Elastomerics inventories nickel-graphite EMI sheet material made from the same compounds used to mold custom EMI components. Stockwell Elastomerics is based in Philadelphia, PA and all gaskets and components are manufactured at this single location.
Rogers Corporation's EC-2130 nickel-graphite filled silicone rubber is a compressible 30 durometer electrically conductive gasketing material.
The main advantage of EMI shielding gaskets fabricated from conductive elastomers is the combined benefit of environmental sealing over a broad temperature range along with EMI shielding.

Stockwell Elastomerics is a leading supplier of custom silicone gaskets and silicone components for commercial, industrial and defense applications. Server rack gaskets and large NEMA enclosure gaskets can generate significant waste if cut from a single piece of silicone sponge. This video offers a simple visual demonstration of the conductivity of various EMI shielding gasket materials.
Contact Us for further assistance with EMI shielding materials and electrically conductive silicone materials to manufacture EMI gaskets.
TECKFELT elastomer impregnated gaskets have been compared to other type of thin, dual purpoe askets and are proven to have the lowest air leak rate and best sealing properties of all thin EMI gasket materials.
These compounds have been specified for applications ranging from seals for power supply gaskets to enclosure gaskets. If sheets are not immediately available, Stockwell Elastomerics' on-site Molding operations can quickly produce sheets to support requirements for die cut and fabricated gaskets.
EC-2130 is the only nickel-graphite filled gasketing material available in 36" wide continuous rolls making it ideal for large EMI gaskets.
This EMI gasket material is typically silicone rubber or fluorosilicone rubber with embedded silver plated aluminum particles, silver plated glass beads, silver plated copper particles, nickel-graphite particles or conductive carbon.

The tan material in the video has silver coated aluminum particles, the dark grey material is nickel coated graphite. This makes TECKFELT an ideal material for EMI or EMP shielding, grounding, and static discharge applications, especially in corrosive environments.
This provides consistently low volume resistivity and a smooth surface condition that contributes to Stockwell Elastomerics' ability to compression mold these compounds into custom gaskets. The last example shows a 3M conductive adhesive where the conductive path flows through the metal plate, up through the adhesive, through the conductive material into the LED. Stockwell Elastomerics is committed to supporting medical, defense and other sensitive industries that require the highest quality and material lot traceability.

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