High EMFs can cause a range of health problems and side effects, from fatigue and anxiety to brain tumors to chronic diseases like cancer.
Widely published, peer reviewed scientific studies document the many effects of high EMF exposure levels, from fatigue to chromosome damage that can lead to cancer and other serious illnesses. Unless you live in an isolated rural area, you are probably being exposed to an unhealthy level of EMFs day-in and day-out.
This mode of heating utilizes electrical wires that are embedded right into a home’s wood or concrete flooring.
These lights require a transformer that can transmit EMF upward as well as downward, which means rooms above as well as below are affected.

Recently, the British Health Protection Agency found one of the causes of neuromas (tumors deep in the ear) are cordless phones.
According to guidelines, bedroom EMFs (especially in the area of your head) should remain under 1mG while sleeping and never exceed 2-4 mG. Electric blankets and waterbeds are major EMF sources, all the more dangerous because of how close they are to sleeping people for so long. That electric clock next to your head could be emitting a magnetic field of 5 to 10mG—even up to a yard away—the EMF equivalent of an electric power line!
Surprisingly, these every day use devices can emit EMFs as high as 200 to 400 mG when turned on.

See below for products recommended for protection from the effects of EMF fields in the home produced by appliances. The EMF exposure is typically less intense than that of a kitchen, but the exposure is prolonged.
Take a survey of your home, your office, your bedroom and the other areas where you spend the most time and identify your EMF risks.

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