THE CROSS: The Shuzi Qi brand of jewelry includes more than a hundred different models of bracelets, pendants, springs, specialty. Juan Barba San Diego, CAThis bracelet makes a fashionable statement on any wrist, using subtle vibration programmed at the nano-level, Nano Vibrational Technology (NVT), to supply health benefits such as greater energy, enhanced strength and balance, and improved mental clarity, blending style and function. By using a shieldite emf protection pendant along with a Iyashi negative ion bracelet you help strengthen your body's bio-field while providing you with the best emf protection available using the shieldite pendant. You must ground your shieldite when you receive it, it will have absorbed negative EMFs during its time shipping. Shuzi EMF Bracelet TitaniumItem # 83168$288.95ENJOY 10% off + FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $229.

Features and SpecificationsAn attractive, lightweight titanium link bracelet for men or women. The Iyashi Bracelets are elastic and flexible and designed to fit comfortably around your wrist. This provides the best personal emf protection one can have and can protect you even if you are under the most extreme emf exposure.
After using shieldite it will become full of the absorbed EMFs and will need to be discharged. You will stay protected from all emfs including electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies, Wifi, and microwave radiation.

Whether you are an athlete, student, parent or business executive—Shuzi will help your overall well-being.Shuzi is similar to the Qlink products as they help protect you from harmful EMF pollution.

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