There are only three scientifically established mechanisms where EMF is known to cause health effects.
Thermal effects are the primary health effects when living tissue absorbs enough EMF power to cause heating. EMF can also cause harm when its inherent photon energy reaches the level where it can break the electron bonds that hold molecules together. This is termed ionizing radiation, and it is an entirely different mechanism than the heating effect. These investigations cover all forms of EMF ranging from power line frequencies and up through microwaves. Harmful effects from induced voltages and currents may still occur, but at power levels above those for heating effects.

Every EMF frequency is also associated with a wavelength and an inherent level of quantum energy. Extensive scientific testing has been used to measure these effects and to establish safe limits. In theory, the total EMF power absorbed by tissue is determined by the photon energy multiplied by the number of photons per second being absorbed. This includes electrical wiring and power lines, computers, televisions, wireless devices such as cell phones and WiFi devices, microwave ovens, all forms of broadcasting including AM, FM, and TV, etc. No clear and consistent evidence for harmful health effects has been found other than the ones described. Visible light as well as invisible forms such as infrared, and ultraviolet, X-Rays, and gamma rays are also forms of EMF.

The safe limits for electric and magnetic fields are set by the IEEE and FCC and other public health bodies according to frequency.
X-rays and gamma rays have even shorter wavelengths and higher photon energy and are considered the most dangerous forms of ionizing radiation. Existing regulations from entities such as the FCC in the US, the WHO, and the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation) have set safety limits for all commercial products that are well below the level where harmful heating effects may occur.

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