This high quality radio helps you stay informed during severe weather emergencies or any other emergency broad cast on the NOAA Weather Band. A weather alert radio provides vital messages and updates from the government on the high-frequency emergency bands. Whether you want to stay updated at home, in the office or on the move, a weather alert radio is a sensible option, as most are operated without the use of mains power. There are a lot of options when it comes to weather alert radios including size, power choices and extra features. Some low-tier weather alert radios don't offer any programming options other than basic tuning, which is perfectly acceptable if you don't mind receiving alerts for every potential threat in the country.
Weather alert radios offer vital and potentially life-saving emergency alerts about weather, natural disasters and man-made hazards, which makes them a crucial piece of equipment for any home where emergency preparedness is of concern.

You can get warnings and updates for severe weather, natural disasters, terrorist attacks and other hazards and emergencies.
Using a weather alert radio lets you stay abreast of the latest updates and warnings, helping you plan for potential emergencies to stay safe.
For use in the home or office, you can opt for a stationary or desktop weather alert radio. Some portable models have a flashlight or an emergency beacon for use during a power cut or if you suddenly find yourself in need of emergency aid in the dark. If you want one to add to your emergency preparedness kit or one to keep stowed in your backpack while camping, a small, portable weather alert radio is a better choice. Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) allows you to program your radio to only alert you to messages within your specific geographic region.

This battery can easily be replaced after years of service.The WR-335 high quality digital tuner provides assured access to news, weather information and illumination whenever and wherever you need it.
While basic models are either on or off, more advanced weather alert radios offer the ability to program them to only trigger an alert for specific events.
Also includes five preset channels.The rubberized finish makes the WR-335 a robust radio for hiking and camping.

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