Rothco's Water Bottle Survival Kit is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast or beginner prepper. Ultimate Survival Kit in a Water Bottle, is an essential life-saving tools packed neatly in 32 oz of water bottle. Other tools including carabiner, flashlight, survival blanket, 2 hand warmer packet, 2 pcs of batteries, candle, box waterproof matches, emergency poncho, 20pc First aid kit, reusable zipper-lock bag, whistle and compass.

Great for taking with you on the go for clean water anywhere or including in you survival kit, this water filtration bottle is compact and durable. For folks that enjoy hiking, mountain climbing or simply love to explore the forest or jungle as part of your hobby or job, it is highly recommended to bring along compact survival kit for precautionary measures.
This water bottle comes complete with a water filtration system capable of purifying up to 100 gallons.

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