The Emergency Preparedness Bulletin is a guide that identifies detailed places of refuge and situation-specific behavior posted in each building. Familiarity with the Emergency Procedures Bulletin is the best way to prepare for rare, but possible emergencies. Emergency Procedures Bulletins are located in each university-owned building near entrances or elevators.
Drexel collaborates with the City of Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and the University City Emergency Preparedness Steering Team (UCEPST).

The Office of Emergency Preparedness works collaboratively with the City Office of Emergency Management and plays an active part in the development of the University City and Drexel University evacuation maps, as well as the University City High-Rise Building Evacuation Rallying Points Plan.
You can keep your workplace a safe environment by educating your employees on your business procedures for emergency situations. Designate someone at your business to make phone calls to 911, building management (if applicable), and to the victim’s emergency contact person.
Hold a practice fire drill at least once a year and go over the procedures with new employees between the annual drills.

Ask one or two capable employees to perform tasks during an emergency such as announcing an evacuation over the intercom and getting a head count at the meeting place after an evacuation.

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