A week before the one-year anniversary of the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech, the University of Massachusetts put into place a brand new emergency text messaging system. This program will allow the university to send mass text messages to students and faculty in the event of an emergency. Students must sign up voluntarily and the system will send a test message out sometime next week, according to the press release. It is a quick way to communicate about emergency situations or immediate danger to the campus. The LU-ALERT system has provided immediate information in emergency events, which is something that gives many students and parents peace of mind.
We also attempted to create a full text search by combining fields into a special search table that would link back to products, but the performance was poor on our EC2 instance (keepin’ it cheap).

Twilio is a fantastic service that allows a user to purchase phone numbers and program them to send a POST request upon receipt of a text message. The LU-ALERT text message system reaches approximately 7,700 members of the Lehigh community. During an emergency, there is always someone on the team looking at the financial, legal and academic implications, as well as the needs of the student body and the necessary forms of communications to be updated.
To create a Twilio-powered emergency text message system that sends a user first aid instructions for a given exposure. Harbrecht said the LU-ALERT text message system reaches approximately 7,700 members of the Lehigh community. We left the first aid and ingredient information in large chunks of text or with delimeters for later parsing.

Part of its responsibility is to look ahead and consider scenarios that may become an emergencies later. We wanted a user to be able to text a product name to a phone number and receive immediate first aid instructions in the event of an exposure.

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