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DHS asked Nexight to help develop two exercise scenarios—active shooter and VBIED—and use them to facilitate interactive training and exercises customized for chemical, commercial facilities, and multi-sector audiences across the country.
Each scenario simulates an emergency incident using more than a dozen time stops—points in which a Nexight facilitator introduces new information and facilitates large-group and concentrated table discussions. States and cities are confronting new energy risks that are challenging their ability to respond to and recover from energy emergencies. Nexight Group will support the upcoming energy assurance tabletop exercise in the West, drawing on experience gained from previous exercises. The staging of the Exercise will inevitably result in some minor but essential inconvenience to the public and we ask for their understanding and cooperation. Understanding the possible consequences of energy emergencies and the responses of private, federal, state, and local partners helps strengthen energy assurance and resilience.
Department of Homeland Security, including active shooter and improvised explosive device exercises for chemical facilities.
Nexight Group’s Jack Eisenhauer and Lindsay Kishter help design the tabletop sessions, lead facilitated discussions, and elicit lessons learned from the exercise. Nexight Group designed, facilitated, and documented more than 45 tabletop exercises that help critical infrastructure owners and operators respond to a simulated active shooter or vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) event in coordination with local emergency responders. Before finalizing the plan, the Office of Energy and Planning (OEP) needed to test response procedures in coordination with existing state emergency response and emergency operations plans. During the exercise, Nexight used a combination of full-group discussion and facilitated breakout groups to walk players through two escalating scenarios.

Students in VCU’s Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (HSEP) program consider their response to a community “disaster” in a daylong tabletop exercise on Nov. Associate Professor William Parrish (center) played the role of the governor in the exercise and received an update on decisions made by the 20 student participants in responding to the “crisis.” Modeling and simulation software by L-3 Communications Services Group, a communications and surveillance products and services company, helped the students manage regional emergency response assets as they established police road blocks, coordinated evacuations and directed fire and EMS response.
The Cayman Islands Airports Authority (CIAA) will be conducting an Airport Emergency Exercise, in accordance with international requirements, on Tuesday, 20th July. We teamed up with recognized security experts to design and deliver an eight-hour training session that combines expert instruction with our interactive, scenario-based tabletop exercise design. Throughout the exercise, Nexight captures participant responses and lessons learned in real time. Kerith McCoy, explained that it is crucial for airport personnel and supporting emergency responders to test their readiness on a regular basis to ensure they are fully prepared in the event of a real aircraft accident. The tabletops are designed to help state and local agencies evaluate their emergency preparedness and test their energy assurance plans against hypothetical energy disruptions that affect multiple states. So far, more than 480 people representing 43 states and territories have participated in regional tabletop exercises conducted in the Southeast (Raleigh, NC – March 2011), Northeast (Boston, MA – June 2011), and Midwest (Chicago, IL – August 2011); a fourth exercise is planned in the West (Phoenix, AZ – November 2011). We designed a full-day seminar and tabletop exercise that engaged nearly 40 players from state agencies, energy providers, and critical infrastructure organizations. Each three-hour exercise engages facility managers and personnel in a facilitated discussion with local emergency responders on their actions and decisions as the scenario unfolds.
Although the exact location of the Emergency Exercise is not being revealed, Superintendent Adrian Seales, of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS), advises that motorists should expect to encounter periodic traffic disruptions.
DHS received overwhelming response from the private sector—more than 90% of participants rated exercise content and conduct as excellent or very good—and the exercise team expanded the program from one scenario specialized for the chemical sector, to multiple scenarios targeting multi-sector audiences.

We invited three state energy assurance and cyber security experts to deliver training presentations on areas of critical concern before the tabletop.
The exercise tested their ability to coordinate a response in the areas of emergency management, intelligence fusion, firefighting, external affairs, public safety, and public health and medical resources.
Explaining the need for these Exercises to be held, the CIAA’s Senior Manager Airport Operations and Chairman of the Airport Emergency Committee, Mr. Nexight Group trained more than 5,000 individuals since 2010—and more than 95% indicated that they planned to update their company’s emergency response plans and procedures based on the training exercises.
Department of Energy’s Infrastructure Security and Energy Restoration Division and the National Association of State Energy Officials to conduct regional energy assurance tabletop exercises that simulate energy emergencies. The exercise helped participants test their roles and responsibilities and identify communications and operations gaps that could affect response in a real event.
Exercise participants must quickly 1) evaluate the situation, 2) identify immediate and follow-on response actions, 3) identify communication channels, 4) analyze interdependencies, and 5) indicate how their Energy Assurance Plan addresses the energy disruption. Nexight Group has also conducted 20 tabletop exercises for the chemical and commercial facilities sector in support to U.S.

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