The Escape and Evade Operator Survival Kit contains well over 40 top quality survival and medical tools designed to address the priorities of survival in either a tactical or non-tactical position, and in either an urban or wilderness environment.
Would like to include in a disaster supplies kit, such as books or games bijgeleverde schraper.
The best selling pocket survival kit on the market, the Pocket Survival Pak has tools for signaling, fire building, shelter construction, and more.
This kit has all the components necessary to address all your water purification , shelter, fire building, wound trauma, and navigation needs to increase your chances of surviving in wild and hostile conditions.

The Tactical Survival Kit represents good value for money in a comprehensive yet compact kit. The Pocket Survival Pak is a group of over 30 survival tools contained in a waterproof pouch that floats. The survival tools included enable all vital survival tasks, and each tool was selected for this kit for its purpose and proven record of performance.
Multiple systems were incorporated for several tasks to greatly increase the survival of the individual no matter where they are, and under any conditions.

Includes Shelter building techniques, Fire Starting, Signaling, Water Purification, Knots, and other vital information for survival.

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