National Safety and Health award is an annual event organized by Department of Safety and Health Malaysia (DOSH) to recognize company for implementing good safety management system and achieve good safety records. In August 2008 Silterra has conducted Fire extinguisher training to all employees as an effort to train employees to use fire extinguisher in emergency situation.
Stating from March 2008 until August 2008 EHS department has arranged a refresher training on EHS orientation for all employees. It also enhance team building skill and give experience on environmental conservation effort at national level and support NGO such as WWF in environmental conservation project.
From April to June, SilTerra has sent three groups of ERT members for teambuilding at Outward Bound School (OBS) Lumut, Perak. Various activities have been conducted such as indoor activities (forming, brain storming and performing session), jungle tracking (Map and Compass training), raft making, rafting and kayaking from OBS to Teluk Sekadeh, Pangkor Island.

EHS team are hoping more Silterrian shall champion or participate in environment activities organized by Silterra or other NGOs in the future. On 6-8 May 2011, 5 SilTerra Green Team members participated in WWF Ulu Muda Lake Conservation Awareness trip.
The purpose of this drill is to make sure Bomba KHTP become more familiar with SilTerra high risk area and to identify the weaknesses in emergency response system. The objective of the drill is to check the response of our Emergency Response Team (ERT), Bomba and Hospital and to ensure that our system worked as designed. The purpose of this trip is to expose Green Team members to the current issue of Ulu Muda forest such as logging & illegal hunting. This training is conducted once in 2 years as to increase employee awareness and enhance their knowledge on EHS aspects.

All the post mortems actions were discussed and shall be addressed as soon as possible to ensure that our emergency response system is always in the best working condition. The Silterra EHS team headed by Amir Hamzah was leading all other factories under the umbrella of Kulim Industrial Tenants Association (KITA) to perform a cleaning activity at Sedim River area.

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