The management structure and methodology that will be used in an emergency, including the organization and operation of the internal HCO Incident Command Post (ICP). Methods for adequately processing and disseminating information during an emergency, including names and contact information for external liaisons and contacts at other HCOs and the jurisdictional level (Tier 3). Guidance on how to develop and release public messages during emergencies, including coordination with the jurisdiction (Tier 3) public information function. The structure of the EOP in emergency management is becoming more standardized, and HCOs should consider conforming to this structured approach. The material developed for the EOP should be formatted for ease of use during response and recovery yet must remain comprehensive. EOP Base Plan - Provides an understanding of how the organization responds and how it interfaces with the outside environment during response.

The approach to emergency preparedness and response for these Tier 1 assets can be relatively simple. Where to obtain information on whether public health emergency powers have been invoked, allowing release of private patient information, and other deviations from standard medical practice.
Fortunately, this has begun to change as the EOP evolves into a guide to address less overwhelming emergencies and hazard threats.
Figure 2-1 provides a synopsis of the EOP structure demonstrated in the National Response Plan (NRP)[8] and the example below provides an EOP structure and format specifically for HCOs. However, these entities may find themselves, during a major incident, compelled to participate in the community response beyond simply referring patients to a hospital or closing down their clinical operations. The organizing body must have the ability to manage ongoing EMP activities and, during response, to perform incident management processes, such as incident action planning and disseminating information to its participants.

For early response activities, the EOP uses operational checklists (or job action sheets) for designated functions. Later stages of response, and initial stages of recovery, should be addressed by a proactive management method that emphasizes documentation of response objectives, strategies, and specific tactics.

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