Satellite communications can restore data center communications, support first responder communications, send video of the disaster scene, coordinate logistics from a forward command center or provide voice and internet access for public assistance applications. On Call Communications brings you 17 years of experience helping first responders, corporations, public safety officials and government agencies choose the right portable satellite uplink system to meet your voice, data, video and networking needs in a mission critical environment.
Fixed satellite antennas are ideal for hot standby backup systems or communications centers.
Mobile office - give field teams the communications systems they need to coordinate all their activities. Excellent customer support services are critical to the success of any communications plan. The resounding need for communications has resulted in proposed legislation reserving a block of radio spectrum for first responders. TechnologiesHistorically, radio covered voice communications, but that definition is rapidly expanding.

More agencies are migrating to digital voice and data communications, led by TETRA and APCO P25 technologies. OnDemand bandwidth provides the communications links you need immediately upon system deployment with no need to call ahead for service. Governments and local authorities rely on communication systems to fight crime, detect threats and respond to disaster. Land radio technology is enhanced with video surveillance, geospatial data and voice communications.
We coordinate all the communications and technical activities related to hardware and space segment giving you a single point of contact for all technical needs. Existing communication networks and systems can handle voice, but not video and data, due to limited amounts of bandwidth. As countries throughout the world combat deliberate acts of terrorism as well as natural disasters, clear communications offer clear benefits.

A communication breakdown could be catastrophic, resulting in pandemonium, confusion, delays and lost lives. While radio communication is a small part of homeland security and defense, the American market is expected to grow from US$73 billion in 2011 to $86 billion by 2014, according to a Homeland Security Market Research report from November 2010. Voice is still the primary means of communication, with data playing the complementary role providing location and incident reporting services.
Other large events requiring effective communication solutions include international summits, the Olympic Games and the World Cup tournaments. President Barack Obama plans to spend $10.7 billion on a high-speed wirelessnetwork dedicated to first responders.

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