Information Station Specialists is the best known source of traveler's information stations, highway advisory radio, advisory signs and services needed to reach motorists.
Department of Health - 133 fixed-location radios in hospitals and other facilities statewide provide redundancy for the Health Alert Network, part of Pennsylvania’s Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Program.
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) - More than 600 mobile, V-TAC, hand-held, and fixed-location radios are used to coordinate with all county 911 centers as well as multiple state agencies. The National Weather Service Forecast Office in Mount Holly, New Jersey broadcasts weather information for the Catasauqua, PA area on 162.40mhz from a transmitter near Allentown, PA, Station WXL39.
FirstNet will provide a single interoperable platform for emergency and daily public safety communications. From Mind Map Art, here's a concept map that illustrates a systematic approach to an emergency action plan.

The Pennsylvania Statewide Radio Network (PA-STARNet) is the commonwealth’s statewide wireless voice and data network for public safety and emergency response communications. Department of Transportation - Approximately 7,000 mobile, hand-held, and fixed-location radios support routine operations such as highway maintenance and snow removal, for which they rely on PA-STARNet. Initiated by Act 148 of 1996, it replaced multiple incompatible radio systems used by various state government agencies. Playlists, which appear below the player on the channel's main page, arrange the videos by radio type. PA-STARNet is used by 22 commonwealth agencies, both houses of the legislature, business partners and other external organizations including county and municipal agencies serving dispatch and mobile voice and data communications for public safety and emergency response. Department of Conservation and Natural Resources - 122 state parks and fire districts are served by a hybrid system that uses a VHF and 800Mhz and supports 2,160 mobile, hand-held, and fixed-location radios.

Video courses cover basic operation of the M7200 and M-803 mobile radios and the P7200 portable radio. By overlaying the commonwealth’s 800 MHz system with a network of UHF and VHF repeaters and mapping each repeater to an OpenSky talk group, the state allows users of other radio systems to communicate directly with state agencies. Statewide Radio Network Division - provides management, and administration for the design, development, and operation of PA-STARNet, including support for agency adoption, use, and fleet management. For FirstNet, the governor appointed the State Police as the Single Point of Contact in Pennsylvania, specifically the Director of the Bureau of Communications and Information Services (BCIS).

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