In a disaster power and communication infrastructure is often damaged which means there is no way to communicate. Every Chrysalis administrator receives a portable HAM radio and is a federally licensed HAM radio operator.
Each house is equipped with an emergency 72 hour kit as well as additional emergency food storage that will feed both the individuals being served as well as the staff.
Every Chrysalis employee is trained in CPR and First Aid and each house contains an emergency first aid kit to treat minor wounds caused by the disaster.

Following Hurricane Katrina and the California wild fires the National Council on Disability issued a report stating that most government plans fail to consider the most vulnerable Americans in their emergency plans.
Emergency planners and government officials are generally unfamiliar and unaware of the unique needs of individuals with developmental disabilities. At Chrysalis we feel that the responsibility of preparedness starts with the person and with Chrysalis. History has shown that we can't expect emergency services to support our individuals in the beginning.

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