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The mission of the New Orleans Medical Reserve Corps (NOMRC) is to be a diverse group of committed volunteers with skills and expertise to supplement public health emergency preparedness and response efforts in New Orleans. FEMA IS-700 is an introduction to national incident management system and will show volunteers how agencies respond and coordinate services during emergencies. Optional trainings, exercises and volunteer activities will be held throughout the year to provide volunteers with additional emergency response-related skills.

On June 20th, three NOMRC volunteers were trained and certified alongside New Orleans Health Department staff on Basic Life Support CPR.  Thank you, New Orleans Emergency Medical Services, for hosting the training! In January 2014, "Disaster Preparedness: A Living Free Guide" was published by Alpha Books, a member of Penguin Group. This training will give you a basic understanding of NOMRC's role during public health emergencies, what you can expect when you deploy, and the MRC core competencies. Food is really undesirable lights were dimmed so that they could not the authorities in the event of an emergency.

All NOMRC members are required to complete three trainings prior to being deployed for an emergency. On Sunday, August 24th, the New Orleans Health Department opened an emergency cooling shelter due to a heat advisory for a heat index over 105.

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