Recognition of a potential emergency situation Ask yourself questions that will help you recognize risky situations or the possibility of an emergency or accident occurring.
Signaling mirror The emergency signaling mirror is approximately 3 by 5 inches and consists of an aluminized reflecting glass mirror, a back cover glass, and a sighting device.
Wherever an emergency shelter has been set up, emergency sanitation often must be provided. QUEZON CITY DISASTER PREPAREDNESS PROGRAM The Metropolitan Manila Earthquake Impact Reduction Study (MMEIRS) JICA,PHIVOLCS,MMDA (2002-2004} Subic West Valley Fault Manila Bay West Valley Fault Source: HIGP, Univ.
Survival Kit Should Include: First Aid Kit Flashlight with spare batteries Portable radio Bottled water Non- Perishable Food Clothes Zip lock bags Rope Small tool kit Coins for the telephone Fully charge cell phone Candles and matches Shoes- flat, preferably hard soled Pants- study material Laminated emergency directory Head cover hard hats, hoods on jacket, hats Gloves sturdy, preferably leather Jacket should provide protection from wind and weather Tactical light stick Emergency blanket size 210cmx130cm whistle HOME AND OFFICE FIRST AID KITS First aid kits are vital following any emergency. During emergencies, each messenger should carry a flashlight, personal first aid kit, pencil, paper, map, pocket knife, and money. Scouts can also distribute leaflet or instructions for the Red Cross, the local emergency management agency, or other local authorities and volunteer groups.

As I rarely use animation, and stick with large images, sometimes I also save my PPT as JPG and in case they have older version of MS Powerpoint or having Mac instead of Win PC, I just run my presentations as a slideshow. EMERGENCY LEGAL PREPAREDNESS EXERCISE BILL SCHUETTE ATTORNEY GENERAL STATE OF MICHIGAN con't. 4 x 5 = 80 Elements of a disaster plan Quick Reference Guide Procedures for immediate response to most common disasters Done with Security and Building personnel Basic information Emergency phone..
Employee in the United States is approximately $42 USD the308,270,243,223, and 7.62x39 report information emergency management. Crowd and Traffic Control Scouts in the past have helped police and fire departments, emergency management officials, and the Red Cross handle crowd and traffic control. I have sometimes resorted to using a colleagues PC laptop – thankfully I save the presentation in ppt.
Emergency planning does not include a progression of logical steps in the event of an emergency.

One common method is to broadcast via emergency radio and TV broadcasts You might hear a special siren, or get a telephone call, or emerge..
Messenger Service and Communications Providing messenger service during an emergency takes planning.
Volunteer services in school emergency preparedness planning and during actual emergencies. PHASE I Preparation Internal Organization Emergency Chain of Command Order of Emergency Interim Successi..

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