We know how important it is to you to find the best insurance coverage for you and your family. Think about your home, school, place of worship or other locations where family members are likely to spend time, and discuss a safe location where you might go for shelter in those locations. A tornado watch indicates that conditions are right for tornado development and tornadoes are possible in your area. A severe thunderstorm warning means that a severe thunderstorm has been spotted in your area, and you should take appropriate precautions and watch for tornadoes. If you are in a car when a tornado hits get out and find a ditch, lie down in the ditch and cover your head. Make sure everyone in the family knows where to go, what to take, and how to be safe if a tornado hits.
Even if you know the signs of a tornado, you can't always rely on your own eyes and ears alone to know if one is coming.
If you hear a tornado watch or a severe thunderstorm watch, you should pay special attention to weather conditions.
Often, tornadoes drop down vertically and lift straight back up, so you will not always observe them coming toward you.
Cheetos and Doritos don't give you the nourishment you need if you were trapped for a long period of time. The storm action plan (above) is posted near all HERO mass warning system devices, part of the emergency notification system. Familiarize yourself with designated shelter locations, marked on the fire exit floor plans that are posted in primary public spaces across campus. Download the established guidelines and recommended procedures (PDF) in the event of tornado watches and warnings received on campus as determined by the National Weather Service. It is important that campus community members understand that EMU does not have onsite tornado “safe rooms” as defined by FEMA. Since 1950 fewer than 10 tornados have occurred in Rockingham County and the City of Harrisonburg.

Screwdriver and screws placing with each other pulled apart forming new ones or disappearing. Serving pilots, owners, mechanics, risk managers and airport executives with aviation insurance products for over 30 years. Because your family may not be together when disaster strikes, FEMA recommends that you create contact cards for adult family members to keep in your wallet or purse. A tornado warning indicates that a tornado has been seen in your area or that radar indicates the presence of a tornado. Inform your children about tornadoes, so they will know some of the signs, and will stay alert. Tornadoes are sometimes obscured by clouds or rain, and there is sometimes no visible funnel cloud. Tornadoes usually only develop in the presence of thunderstorms (though the thunderstorm may be some distance away from you), so lightning, rain, and hail (especially if occurring after a tornado watch or warning has been issued) should put you on guard. Note all damage, but mostly look for any structural damage that could be an immediate harm to your family.
Store the items in your designated household safe location for immediate access in an emergency.
Suggested shelter locations are marked yellow in the fire exit floor plans posted in primary public spaces across campus. Spring signals the start of tornado season for most of the United States, with a peak in May and June.
FEMA recommends you assemble a supply kit that includes three days of food and water for each member of your household. A tornado emergency means that a tornado warning has been issued and it is heading toward a densely populated area.
Never go outside during a tornado to witness or calculate the distance of the tornado from your current location. Meet Colie, a wikiHow Admin, New Article Booster, Welcomer, and Featured Author from the US who has been part of the community for over five years.

Move hazardous objects with care, and make a note for your insurance company on what has been damaged. Listen to local radio stations or watch local TV to stay informed, especially during conditions that are likely to form tornadoes.
View sample fire exit floor plans: Campus Center, second floor and Maplewood dormitory (PDFs).
You can’t stop a tornado, but having the plan and the supplies you need can make recovery easier. Tornadoes usually last for about 20 seconds, but some rare ones have lasted more than an hour. I told him it was too grown-up for him, but he kept insisting that it was recommended by his teacher. Stay tuned to the radio for more information on the situation in your town or neighborhood.
Discuss a plan and practice it.[2] Create a list with contact information, insurance information, and in case of emergency out of town contacts. Now is a good time to prepare by checking your emergency kit, buying fresh batteries and updating your family’s emergency communication plan. While there is nothing you can do to prevent a tornado, there is much you can do to prepare your family for recovery from a tornado. If possible, find one with backup battery power and a tone-alert feature, which automatically notifies you when the National Weather Service issues a severe weather watch or warning for your area.
Part of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are rotating, whirling winds that appear in a funnel shape.

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