Oral antibiotics-(or if emergency, fish meds) may also include garlic oil, honey,cayenne,thyme oil,peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil as herbal alternatives or fresh garlic or ginger.
Some type of firestarter- to start fires for boiling water or sterilizing instruments, include a container for boiling water in your supplies! Headache, PMS, Joint Pain and Menopausal Tinctures may be helpful, depending on your medical issues. I would concentrate on the supplies you will need most and will likely be able use without too much training.

Bones maintains an active medical license in his home state and is a member of the Wilderness Medical Society.
We want you to have the ability to provide medical help in a disaster scenario, and for that, you’ll need conventional medical supplies and some knowledge on what natural remedies are useful for certain situations. You will still have the ability to deal with 90% of the medical emergencies you will encounter in times of trouble. Have a closer look at your first aid provisions on board your vessel, to check if they are compliant to relevant requirements as well as containing adequate supplies to effectively attend to a first aid emergency.

Due to prescriptions required & short expiry dates on medications, some items are not included in the above first aid kits.

Earthquake aid kit
Disaster preparedness plan format
Map of us rivers quiz


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