At least one gallon of water per day per person for 3-5 days, two quarts a day for drinking and two quarts for food preparation and sanitation. Accessory Kit to the Home Survival Kit with additional emergency supplies specifically designed to prepare your home for a hurricane.
The ER™ Hurricane Kit contains hurricane supplies to protect against damage or injury that may occur due to a hurricane.
As witnessed by the brutal forces and devastating aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it is essential to prepare your home for a hurricane when living in hurricane country. Hurricane Warning: sustained winds of at least 74 mph or greater are expected within 12-24 hours or less. An action plan and well-stocked disaster preparation kit are both highly recommended in coastal zones where hurricanes can impact. Our 20-Person Deluxe Ultimate 72 Hour Survival Kit is packaged in (3) 5-gallon containers and designed for the office or school.

If you were to make your office survival kit, you would have to replace the food, water, batteries, etc.
Our Sopplier has specially designed our emergency office survival kits to contain the essential supplies to survive at work during a major emergency. The 20 person deluxe ultimate survival kit contains the most effective emergency supplies for your emergency preparedness including a survival guide, emergency food, water, water purification, lighting, radio, 160 piece first-aid kit, search and rescue supplies, sanitation, and shelter supplies to prepare you for all disasters. If you find a kit of equal or greater value advertised for less, we will refund you the difference. Use the additional shelter, rescue, and other supplies contained in this emergency kit to stay safe, warm, and dry in a hurricane. Hurricanes strike with unimaginable force and severely damage structures and roadways leaving people stranded without immediate rescue attention. First aid kit with bandages, antiseptic, tape, compresses, pain reliever, antidiarrhea medication, antacid.

With our money-back guarantee, you can rest assured that you have purchased the most reliable survival kit on the market. A 4-person, 72-hour survival kit designed to prepare a family of four at home for any disaster.
This is why it is so important to have office survival kits and emergency supplies strategically located within the work faciliities of you and your loved ones' workplace.
ER™ Home Survival Kits are designed to contain everything your family needs to survive for 3 days in case you need to quickly evacuate your home following a disaster.

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