When asked about their feelings of security in regards to specific forms of threat, three in 10 employees (30%) do not feel their workplace is well-protected from a physical threat from another person, and the same percentage (30%) feel their workplace is not well-protected from a digital hacking threat. This table of products for emergency preparedness was at the 2006 QuakeFest event sponsored by UW Emergency Management. Steve Charvat, director of UW Emergency Management, strongly advises people to prepare for disasters both at work and home. Even more workers (40%) don't believe their company has an emergency plan in place in case of a physical attack from another person or a technology security breach. Identify a safe place in each room of your house or workplace, practice leaving the building quickly and decide where your group will meet outside.

For example, 94 percent of survey respondents confirmed that their workplace has a dedicated first-aid kit or cabinet on-site. Most workers (85%) feel their workplace is well-protected in case of a fire, flood, or other disaster, and 83% feel their workplace is well-protected from weather-related threats. Available at the HUB ticket office, each red nylon, zippered bag contains a dozen basics including water, energy bars, a first-aid kit and an emergency blanket ($21 for students, $23 for faculty and staff). After training managers and other employees on your company’s emergency response plan, conduct drills to help ensure that they will know what to do if a natural disaster strikes or other emergency occurs.
One in five workers (21%) report their company does not have an emergency plan in place in case of fire, flood, or other disaster, and 1 in 4 (26%) say the same of extremely severe weather.

A recent press release from CareerBuilder looks at how safe workers feel in their workplaces and how well they feel their companies work to ensure their security.

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