The Social Security Administration (SSA) announced yesterday that the nanny tax threshold for 2016 will increase to $2,000, up from $1,900 this year.
Provides information on deductions for certain costs of moving because you changed job locations or started a new job. Make sure your nanny has comfortable accommodations for sleeping (bed, access to bathroom). While many of the same rules and job duties you use for daytime care still apply, there are a few other things to consider that are specific to overnight stays. Without a well-designed ground plan, your nanny, your family, and you may be unprepared for the day-to-day issues that arise. These issues can result in wasted effort and time, often pulling you away from your professional duties to attend to a household matter that could likely be handled individually by the nanny or housekeeper if plans had been established from the start. By preparing, planning, and practicing as household employer, you are on your way to engaging a critical member of your household team, one that will help you with your goal of achieving life and work balance. The goal of Ready Indian Country is to collaborate with tribal governments to build emergency management capability and partnerships to ensure continued survival of Tribal nations and communities. Readiness planning is essential for all American Indians and Alaska Natives, and there are special considerations when families live on tribal lands located far from urban centers.
Livestock: Prearrange a location and make plans for transport if you keep horses, cattle, sheep, goats, or pigs. Visit the Publications section for additional resources for families, children, elders, pet owners, individuals with access and functional needs and businesses. Meet with your family members and discuss the dangers of possible emergency events including fire, severe weather, hazardous spills, and terrorism. It can be difficult even for the most organized household employer to keep track of changes to tax and insurance laws and regulations that vary by state, and even by town or city. Contains information about who qualifies for deductions for business use of a home, including as a daycare facility.
Go over your rules for the kids’ bedtime routine, as well as the morning wake-up routine. Bring an overnight bag with toothbrush, sleepwear, and any nighttime personal items not normally carried along for daytime jobs.
FEMA works with tribal officials to help communities be prepared before an emergency and recover after disaster strikes. If you or someone you know doesn't have a car, make alternate plans for transportation, such as riding with a neighbor. If for any reason you do turn off natural gas service to your home, call your natural gas utility to restore service. Additional sources for information include tribal law enforcement, tribal fire departments, emergency response services, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and Indian Health Service clinics and hospitals. While some laws require employers to submit forms to a designated department or division, others require employers to file completed forms and be ready to produce the paperwork when requested by government officials.
Enlist family and friends as a support network, share emergency plans, and make sure another family member or friend has a key to the home. Almost every state prohibits employees from being terminating or disciplined for serving on a jury or missing work for jury duty.  Some states even make it illegal for employers to discourage or intimidate an employee from serving on a jury. When a nanny will not be able to vote before or after their shift, they must submit their request for time off between two and ten days before Election Day. Household employers should outline their jury duty and voting leave policies in the employee handbook; the policies should specify if the employer will compensate their nanny or other employee for jury duty, and what arrangements should be made with regard to time off for voting. If you apply for a car loan, student loan, mortgage or even a credit card, you’ll need to show that you can pay monthly installments. There is more to paying your household employee then just cutting them a paycheck each week. Taxes need to be paid (by the employer and employee) and insurance coverage may need to be in place, just to start. Covers the rules for excluding from income any gain up to $250,000 ($500,000 on a joint return for married couples), the business use or rental of your home, and recapturing a federal mortgage subsidy.
Includes settlement and closing costs, real estate taxes, home mortgage interest, and repairs, tax credits for a mortgage credit certificate and documents to prove basis and adjusted basis.
When I was 10 years old, I came home one day to find my parents playing with a German shepherd puppy. Periodically review and practice your natural disaster and emergency plans; this can help keep your family calm and ready to act when an emergency occurs and mere minutes count.
Although your plan may vary from situation to situation, your bug-out plan will always start the same way – grab your bug-out bag!
Now that you know your family’s natural disaster plan from front to back, the best way to make sure it will work is to practice it. Patrick BlairPatrick is a Christ follower, the father of a special needs daughter with a brilliant personality and two musically talented sons, the husband of a beautiful and incredibly wonderful woman, an avid cook and gardener, a craftsman, and a hopeful homesteader with a passion for researching. Depending on where you live, there is the possibility that certain disasters could force you to evacuate from your home. For both, map out routes to get out of the home as well as evacuation routes out of the area in case main roads are blocked or closed. In addition, know the emergency plans at your workplace and your childrens' schools or child care centers, and go over them with your family.
Be sure to swap summer clothing and winter clothing appropriately, check for expired MREs, and be sure to change the batteries in any flashlights or walkie talkies you carry with you.

It is absolutely necessary to think about all types of emergencies and how you will communicate with others, and to especially plan for what you will do if you can’t use your normal forms of communication.
If you hired your nanny through an agency, most agencies charge a flat rate for temporary nannies when they stay overnight (we charge $50-$75 per night).
However, if a child is up during the night for more than an hour, your hourly rate would apply on top of the flat rate for each hour the child is awake.
You do it to manage your life, provide optimal care for your children or ailing parents, and maintain a smooth and peaceful household. Communications: You should have at least one traditionally wired land-line phone, as cordless or cellular phones may not work in an emergency.
FEMA offers brochures, posters, and radio public service announcements to help individuals, families, and communities prepare for disasters. It is important for families to prepare for natural disasters and other types of emergencies by having a plan in place for everyone to follow. Select two places to meet: a spot outside your home for an emergency such as fire, and a place away from your neighborhood in case you cannot return home (a real possibility during the day when most adults are at work and children are at school). You could choose not to pay for this as part of the interview process, but you need to make sure the caregiver is aware that this is unpaid interview time before you make arrangements.
Visit FEMA's Emergency Management Institute for additional information on training for Tribal Representatives. Locate them ahead of time by asking the emergency planners for your tribe, village, or pueblo. They now have an employment history and verifiable income, which can help when applying for loans or credit. Prior to an emergency, contact your county or local emergency management office and ask them where you could leave your pet. That being said, if a nanny objects based on a reason relating to his or her protected class status, you will need to look into accommodations for them.
Employers are typically mandated to provide time off for civic duties like voting, witness leave, and jury duty, but state laws specify how much time can be allowed, payment requirements, and how much notice needs to be provided. For example, if your nanny does not have at least a 4-hour break during the time polls are open (usually from 7am-8pm), or cannot make it to the polls before or after their shift, then you must provide up to two hours of paid time off so they can vote.
However, she would not be eligible for unemployment or retirement benefits as her wages are undocumented and the family did not pay the appropriate taxes. Our partners at GTM Payroll Services relieve the administrative hassles of household payroll for domestic employers by providing a one-stop shop for payroll, tax filings, compliance and insurance. The following are some tips for hiring a pet friendly nanny, and setting the expectations in order to retain a valued employee. If you are advertising for the nanny position yourself online, or if you’re working with a nanny agency, make sure you disclose any pets that live in your home. When searching for your nanny, be explicit that you want someone who is comfortable working around pets, and then you are assured that those interested in the job are fine with animals in the home.
Salary negotiation should include what you are willing to pay for the child care aspect, and then what additional payment will be made for pet care responsibilities.
Being upfront in the early stages of hiring will help defuse any pet-related issues down the road, and will help you to hire the right nanny for your family – including your four-legged family members. If you've recently moved to a new locale or have been fortunate enough to not experience any natural disasters, contact the local emergency management office or an American Red Cross chapter to determine the natural or human-caused emergencies most common in your area. Be sure you have plenty of food and water stored in case the disaster lasts for an extended period of time. I have to be prepared for fires, earthquakes, tsunami, flood, and severe winter storm of the rainy variety. If your family gets separated after the disaster and can't reach each other, they should call the designated emergency contact to let that person know their location.
Compile a list of boarding kennels, vets, hotels and other places your pets will be welcome if you need to evacuate. Part of your emergency preparedness plan should include setting up a number of alert systems so that you can be informed in the event of an emergency situation. If evacuation isn't possible, designate safe places in your home for each possible disaster. To begin preparing for a natural disaster one must identify common occurring disasters in the region they are located in. If you hired your nanny on your own, a best practice would still be to pay a flat fee for the overnight stay, and to also compensate hourly if a child will be up during the night. Or you could choose to pay the candidate for this time as a goodwill gesture to keep them interested and to set up an employment relationship of trust from the beginning.
No matter what the type of household employee, the process is the same—learn, prepare, plan, communicate, gather feedback, and revise (if necessary).
Make sure everyone knows how and when to call 9-1-1 or your local emergency medical services phone number. For more information about how GTM helps families with household employment issues like this, contact us at (518) 348-0400. Each family should make preparations now for immediate or potential situations that threaten life, property or the environment. They may be eligible for unemployment, disability, workers’ compensation social security and Medicare benefits.

For example, if a nanny has a disability that prevents her from having vaccinations, or a nanny has a religious objection to vaccinations, there must be an exception to the rule. As a best practice, employers should also communicate that they will pay for the vaccination. The State will pay the $40 jury fee of jurors who work for employers of 10 or fewer employees if the jurors are not paid at least the jury fee by their employers.
So if your nanny works from 8am-6pm on an election day, as long as they can vote either before or after their shift, you are not required to pay for voting leave. If you lose your job, through no fault of your own, unemployment benefits will partially replace your lost wages for up to six weeks while you look for a new job. If you buy a policy through this marketplace, you could qualify for a subsidy and cut the costs of your insurance. If you or your employer have any questions about being paid legally, contact GTM at (800) 929-9213 for a free, no obligation consultation. A family with a dog, cat, or other pet may be a turn-off for a potential nanny, either due to an allergy, not wanting to clean up after an animal, or just simply having an aversion to some types of pets.
If the nanny knows that she won’t be responsible for those kinds of tasks, she may be ready to accept the position. Depending on your childrens' ages, you may want to include the whole family in the planning. If you have set up a prepper network in case of emergency, there may be many options for you should you need to bug-out. Being prepared by creating a family disaster plan will give you peace of mind should you ever be faced with an emergency. In anticipation of certain emergencies or natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, or wildfires, local officials often order mandatory evacuations.
Her work has appeared online and in print publications ranging from Mothers & More Forum to Horse Journal. It is very important for your family to sit down and discuss a natural disaster plan in case something were to happen.
Having an emergency preparedness plan for such situations will help your family be able to get out of the path of danger.
You want to know that your child, parent, or home is being cared for so that you may focus on your career. Viewing a situation from another person’s perspective is always a good barometer for how something will work out. Here are a few ideas for celebrating National Nanny Recognition Week 2015 with the most important person you’ll ever hire. There are a variety of natural disasters and emergencies, each requiring different means for survival. Start off by mapping out an emergency disaster plan with your family, to ensure they know how to evacuate, meeting or seek refuge. This is how we keep our site free for you and other readers, so we greatly appreciate when you do purchase through our links! Because this is the unfortunate case, we must do the best we can to prepare by taking an educated guess of what may be in store for us, planning carefully for that scenario and hoping for the best. In any household employment situation, the biggest mistake any one of us can make is not planning on being successful. Families might be concerned, especially with nannies, that someone spending so much close time with children is not vaccinated. For jurors who are paid a daily wage that is less than the jury fee, the State makes up the difference. It is recommended that you have 3 gallons of water per person per day, so a disaster lasting a week for a family of 5 will require approximately 105 gallons of water. However, advocates (like all of us at Food Insurance) for emergency preparedness preach readiness in times of smaller emergencies. No matter if you are hiring a nanny to care for your child, a senior care provider to care for your parent, or a houseman to care for your property, you need to make a real effort to learn about, plan for, and practice being a manager of a household employee.
Set up at least two places family members can meet in case of emergency: one right outside your home in case of fire or other sudden emergency, and one outside your neighborhood if you must evacuate or are away from home when disaster strikes. Depending on your situation, you may be going in different directions to get to different places.
Make sure you check out my article on Family Communications for indepth tips and advice on staying in touch in case of emergency. At first, it is a good idea to tell your family you’re going to have a drill, and execute the plan slowly so everyone understands every aspect. Thanks for the support to keep us moving in the right direction and pray we’ll never need it.

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