The Incident Command System emphasizes orderly and systematic planning and the Incident Action Plan is the central tool for planning during a response to a disaster emergency.
An emergency logistics assessment is the process of gathering, analysing and disseminating logistics related data and information in relation to the impact of a disaster.
As the diagram above implies, disaster assessment should be an ongoing and repetitive process.
The Incident Action Plan is prepared by the Planning Section Chief with input from the appropriate sections and units of the Incident Management Team. Utilizing a simulation scenario, clients “size up” the situation, make assignments and utilize the planning process to achieve and end outcome of a completed Incident Action Plan for a specified operational period. The active engagement of programme managers, partners, suppliers, shippers and logistics staff at all levels is vital for good results.The involvement of logistics in programme planning inevitably results in the delivery of quality services that contribute to well coordinated, effective and efficient interventions. Embedding the plans within the management culture of the organisation is vital to ensuring effective response on the day of an emergency.
Information for emergency assessments must come from different sources to provide a relatively accurate assessment of the situation. A pre-established assessment plan is critical, and a coherent system for continuously feeding assessment data into the planning process is equally essential.
The plan, developed for each operational period must be accurate and completely transmit the information generated during the planning process. Pre-Emergency Planning has worked with various clients to train personnel and provide attendees the opportunity to practice their skills on Incident Action Plan development. Guidance in this handbook on many of the aspects of emergency response is provided in relation to these phases.

For certain emergencies, there is an early warning phase in advance of the onset of the crisis.
The Business Continuity Resource Requirements worksheet should be completed by business function and process managers.
Oneself stranded in the emergency planning process steps middle that doesn't completely cover the head guidelines With the rapid adoption. The findings from logistics assessments are critical in enabling appropriate decision making, planning and organisation for effective disaster response.
To effectively support a response to the needs in an emergency, it is very important to include a logistics assessment during the general needs assessment exercise.
The scope of an emergency assessment will be different depending on the circumstances and may vary from emergency to emergency or depend on the nature or scale of the disaster. Note that in emergency situations, processes are intentionally shortened to speed up and facilitate immediate response to needs.
Once the assessments are complete, organisations move into the planning phase and develop a response plan on how to meet the needs of the affected communities.
The assessment process stems across preparedness activities and the pre-disaster warning phase through the emergency phase and even into rehabilitation and recovery of the community. Under normal circumstances, the means of collecting the necessary data and information should be established as part of an organisation's pre-disaster planning.
Assessment is a continuous process throughout sudden onset disasters, slow onset disasters and is evident throughout the disaster cycle. Business Continuity Planning Process Diagram - Text VersionWhen business is disrupted, it can cost money.

Meetings with individual managers should be held to clarify information and obtain missing information.After all worksheets have been completed and validated, the priorities for restoration of business processes should be identified.
As organisations respond to the initial critical emergency needs, they should conduct a logistics assessment as early as possible, before initiating and implementing a long term logistics response intervention. The worksheet should be completed by business function and process managers with sufficient knowledge of the business. Staff with in-depth knowledge of business functions and processes are in the best position to determine what will work. Emergency planning is a systematic and ongoing process, preparing organisations for the response to, and recovery from, emergencies. The lower circle outlines the plan preparation process and the upper circle the life of the plan once it is issued and circulated. Once all worksheets are completed, the worksheets can be tabulated to summarize:the operational and financial impacts resulting from the loss of individual business functions and processthe point in time when loss of a function or process would result in the identified business impactsThose functions or processes with the highest potential operational and financial impacts become priorities for restoration. This strategy requires ensuring telecommuters have a suitable home work environment and are equipped with or have access to a computer with required applications and data, peripherals, and a secure broadband connection.In an emergency, space at another facility can be put to use. The electronic order entry system checks available inventory, processes payments and routes orders to the distribution center for fulfillment.

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