Jersey's Emergency Planning Officer is leaving his post 18 months after taking it up, and he's not going to be replaced.Joe Carnegie took up the role of the Island’s Emergency Planning Officer in April last year, but will be leaving next month. The spokesman said: “As part of the ongoing public sector reform programme, the unexpected resignation of the current Emergency Planning Officer due to relocation abroad has enabled a review of the Emergency Planning Unit to see if this work can be undertaken in a more cost efficient and flexible way by utilising the experience and expertise within our emergency services and wider States departments. The States haven't revealed how much money they'll save when Mr Carnegie leaves but they say a review of emergency planning is due to be completed before he goes on 6th November 2015. PLEASE tell us that this Emergency Planning Officer does NOT receive any sort of pay off and pension.

We often carry out emergency response drills with our regional teams and corporate partners such as Land Rover and Tesco, who donate cars and food.
A review is being conducted into the Island's emergency planning processes, but he's not going to be replaced.A spokesman for the Chief Minister's department said that they were going to rely on the existing expertise in the police, fire and ambulance services instead. These are computer-based reconstructions — we practise how we’d coordinate things in the event of real-life disasters, from plane crashes to chemical emergencies. It’s my job to help coordinate the response to national emergencies in the UK such as floods, fires or severe weather, so I have to react quickly to headlines.

Most of my work is project management to increase the level of support we provide to people during emergency situations, but I’m also a logistics delegate for the Red Cross international emergency response unit.

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