We offer a wide diversity of preconfigured and custom Conference Room Furniture, Emergency Operations Center Furniture, Tables, Monitor Walls, Monitor Stands, and Accessories.
Like our operations center furniture, we can build custom conference tables to client specifications. Complete Systms AccessThe interface between your conference room and control center consoles is critical. To the left is an emergency management center that shows the obvious benefit of line of site created by flip panels.

Approximately 150 people packed the new airport emergency operations center (AEOC) at the Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC) during an emergency exercise tabletop drill in June 2011. ROC now has a dedicated AEOC that can be spooled up in five minutes, with easy access and elbow room galore for the myriad airport, emergency response, media, regulatory and security partners that might be called in.
The more spacious facility was a vast improvement over the tiny multipurpose room in the main terminal that formerly served as the airport's emergency command post.
The new facility will certainly be well-appreciated when the airport holds its next full-scale airport emergency plan drill in September.

Metal studs and drywall, doors, light fixtures, speakers, glass partitions, floor covering and furniture were among the salvaged materials that got a second life.

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