For occupations and situations requiring ample first aid supplies, these emergency medical kits include products for treating various injuries. This light weight Emergency Medical Kit is packed with the essential emergency equipment needed for smaller businesses or institutions.
Swift Major Emergency Medical first aid kit contains a wide variety of supplies to treat injuries in emergency situations.
Swift Trauma First Aid Kits contain all the supplies necessary to treat a variety of wounds and other emergency medical needs. The same professional grade medical supplies that are used by EMS and first responder teams nation wide.

The Standard Emergency Medical Kit contains over 90 items in a cordura bag with handles, and can be stored virtually anywhere to be ready in an instant. Swift Standard Emergency Medical Kits feature a variety of supplies for emergency treatments of wounds, cuts and other trauma-related applications.
Please Note: Due to the nature of this product, North Safety Products cannot accept any returns on orders for Biohazard PPE kits. We offer a variety of stretchers and splints to quickly and successfully immobilize and transport injured victims from the scene of a disaster or emergency. Rugged nylon bags with carry straps make these kits easy to transport and access at the scene of an emergency.

Their portability makes it easy for the first responder to carry them to the site of an emergency.

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