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Kits: Read a quick comparison of premade emergency kits, plus recommendations of items that you may want to add and a three-step emergency safety plan. A variety of first-aid kits -- from individual to family size -- are available for sale at the American Red Cross store.

If you are preparing an emergency kit for a natural disaster, you probably know to include nonperishable food and first-aid kits. You should periodically ensure that the contents of the kit are in working order and rotate the food rations. We recently compared some emergency kits, whose contents (whistles, light sticks, crank-powered mobile phone recharger) provided much food for thought.
Field test: And, for a little levity to balance all the disaster talk, we offer this piece from a reporter who tested her emergency kit by trying to live off it.

The American Red Cross recommends each household have a backpack with emergency supplies for evacuation. If you live in Idaho, your kit needs more emphasis on keeping you warm than if you live in Alabama.

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