Be ready for any automotive emergency by keeping an auto emergency kit handy in your vehicle.
The ER™ Deluxe Roadside and Severe Weather Kit is an emergency kit containing a compressive set of emergency vehicle tools and severe weather supplies in case you have a vehicle emergency on the road in the heart of winter. Use the included items such as the jumper cables and toolset to get your car back on the road quickly and safely. MEDICAL INFORMATION- In envelope with LARGE LETTERS "medical information" put in things that the EMERGENCY ROOM doctor will want to know.

These can be used for rain suit by cutting hole in corners and center of top of bag for arms and head. Having grown up in San Diego, she studied journalism and Spanish to pursue a career in newspaper writing. HOSE- 6' length of garden hose or SIPHON KIT from Auto Supply Store to siphon gasoline into approved container to add gasoline to empty tank. CONTAINERS- give thought to the containers used in your own SURVIVAL kit, consider a small "pack or knapsack" to hold some items, that you can put selected items in if you have to abandon the vehicle.

This kit includes tools, first aid kit, lighting, jumper cables, gloves, compressor tire pump, reflective triangle and more.

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