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The American Red Cross has a database of classes in your area for CPR, Automated External Defibrillator, and first aid training, as well as emergency preparedness education. In fact, a new survey from the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) finds 3 in 10 adults say they experienced a medical emergency in a public setting requiring treatment from a medical professional and as many as 3 in 5 are concerned about a medical emergency happening to them.
At no other time is being prepared more important than when a disaster or medical emergency strikes. A good plan will include predetermined locations inside the home, just outside the home, in the neighborhood and even outside your town, where all family members know to meet depending on the type of emergency.

Create a free, printable emergency medical identification card on your computer keyboard in a few minutes. Take the time to assemble an emergency kit containing water, food, a battery-powered radio, spare batteries and other disaster supplies.
Ideal for keeping a record of allergies, medical conditions, taking Coumadin blood or other thinners, I am a Diabetic Card, Alzheimer's Patients, Autism, Epilipsy, Asthma Id cards and persons to contact in the case of emergency.
Steps to take when an emergency occurs, including specific responsibilities for each family member.
Education for everyone in the household, especially children, on using fire extinguishers and calling 911.

Check with your local hospital or department of public health for educational materials on emergency preparedness.

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