I’m talking about a “Bug-Out Bag,” a ready-to-grab-at-anytime kit that gets you out the door and long gone, quickly and safely, when things go south. Even though you probably aren’t going to have a foreign hit squad on your trail, or Federal agents ready to kick in your door, there are still a number of situations where the Average Joe needs to have a bug-out bag — or a “Get Home Bag” (see below) — packed and ready to go.
So I spoke with Creek Stewart, survival skills trainer, owner of Willow Haven Outdoor, and author of the upcoming book, Build the Perfect Bug-Out Bag: Your 72 Hour Disaster Survival Kit (May 12, Betterway Books), to find out what those situations are, and what we city-dwellers need to have to create an Urban Survival Bug-Out bag that’ll keep us from resorting to “Lord of the Flies”… for 3 or 4 days at least. If you’re forced out of your home and need to survive on your own for at least 72 hours, Stewart says to remember the Core 4 Basic Human Survival Needs: Shelter, Water, Fire and Food – and to make sure your bag covers them all.

Stewart says to keep in mind the first bug-out bag you grab may actually be a “Get Home Bag” — providing you the essentials you need to get out of a stricken city and home to your family. Mass chaos and exodus would make getting from work to home very complicated, and a disaster-stricken city is a very dangerous place. So, just as military pilots have a “get-home survival kit” packed in their cock-pit, Stewart recommends having a “Get Home Bag” ready to go at your office or in your car. A Get Home Bag is simply a down-sized version of the Bug-Out Bag designed to do just that – get you home safely. It will be smaller and have fewer supplies — just the necessities to get you through and out of ground zero. Stewart told me having Bug-Out bags at the ready isn’t about becoming a crazy survivalist in the woods or having a bunker mentality.

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