After Lauren wrote about her kids’ emergency bags, I started buying some of the supplies to put together Go Bags for my kids. The point of these bags is to have them at the ready at a moment’s notice, so they need to be stored close to your path out the door.
Our major threat is a hurricane, and we keep our supplies stocked because we rarely evacuate, but I think bags for the kids are a good idea in the event that we are surprised by flooding or another event.
My children have identical bags that they picked up for free at a carnival, so that is also a cost saving option.
If a child is even 4 years old they can assemble their own to go bag and the to go bag can be for everyday outings as well so that it is used all the time.
The go bag needs to be large enough to carry a good amount supplies, but small enough that you can transport without much effort.
This bag's main purpose is as a Get Home Bag, in other words, a bag to get me to my truck, or to home, where I have additional resources. You should also pack dust masks, feminine hygiene supplies, needed medications and needed medical equipment in a first-aid kit, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The purpose of a Go Bag is to provide the bare necessities for a certain amount of time, typically 72-hours. But, as new items come in for birthdays and Christmas, I’ll stash the old ones in the Go Bags.
Some of these (sweatshirts, shoes) are things that we use all the time, so I don’t want them tied up in a bag. Make Go Bags for your kids so that you are prepared for an evacuation in the case of an emergency. Go Bags for kids are mostly to provide them with comfort and provisions for a short amount of time. Toiletries: I used a quart size bag to hold toothbrush, toothpaste, antibacterial wipes, kleenex, bandaids, and a few light sticks. Thanks for posting the intro bugout kit list and for being one of the ones who helps others. Naturally, this list could go on and on, but you did a good thing here and I wanted to add a little to it. So I think of this bag not so much as a survival kit but more of a living kit, because surviving and living are two drastically different propositions. In more of the classic shelter department I carry a Snugpak Sleeper Lite sleeping bag with an REI bivy cover. My kids are counting the days until they can break into the bags as granola bars are something I rarely buy. They keep things dry, you can use them as rain gear, you can use them in water as a survival bag to stay warm, and you can collect drinking water in them. I typically keep my warm clothes in my bag all the time and simply remove them if I am in a warm environment and need the space.
The sibling info copies back and forth so I can’t get each to have the other listed as a sibling.

My list and bags are pretty extensive, to include spare ammo, Henry survival rifle, etc., but this small stuff can go into just about any kit. A go bag or bug out bag is a pre-packed satchel or bag that contains an assortment of supplies that you may need in the case of an emergency where you have to leave your home or residence.
The situation where my kids might need these bags would be an emergency where we must evacuate quickly.
Due to the expense and weight of 3-day supplies, I decided to prepare a 24-kit for their Go Bags.
As I am preparing a 3-day family emergency kit separately, I figure this is sufficient in the instance where we need to leave the house quickly and there might be a chance of us splitting the family up for transport or some other reason. I printed each form, folded it in quarters and placed it in a snack bag to protect it from water. That said, during tornado season, I gathered all of the necessary supplies to keep us safe in one area so when it got bad there was no searching around for a flashlight or the emergency radio. Homeland Survival provides news and information on survival, emergency preparedness, bug out bags, everyday carry, bugout shelters, self sufficiency, survival preps and survival gear. To complement the pack I keep a heavy duty waterproof Baja or Sea-line type bag in the main compartment. The bottom line when it comes to weapons is as always METT-TC, as I said earlier I often carry this same pack while deployed and thus may packing list changes slightly, one of those changes is weapons and ammunition. Between what I keep in the truck and in the bag I’m good to go for a while regardless of weather or the lack of polite society.
Besides the heavenly bliss of dry clothes there are a few other applications that this serves as well; because the bag is completely airtight it can be used as a flotation device, and I have found that even a heavily laden pack will be somewhere around neutral buoyancy provided the majority of the contents are waterproofed. I will share what I generally keep in my “go bag”, along with a pretty fair amount of my operational philosophies. I was able to find five in the same green and had a sixth similarly colored bag at home to use for my littlest one.
I’m going to be watching for sales on this kind of thing so I can make their emergency supplies a little more substantial. Children need to learn to be responsible for themselves if true emergency does ever happen the more you have taught them the better chance they have to survive. I stopped at the dollar section of Target and got playing cards or puzzles to include in each bag. Many cell phone towers did not work, I think an emergency two way radio is a good choice just to have around.
The purpose of a get home bag is to help you survive an emergency or disaster just until you can get home and get to your other survival supplies. Personally I don’t care for the term Bug out bag or I’m Never Coming Home bag or really any of that stupid YouTube, doom’s day preppers, tinfoil hat bullshit. Simple solution, I ran out to the car opened the trunk and removed the clothing and some soap from my go bag. Once you have spent some time emerged in cultures who don’t have hygiene on their to do list you learn to appreciate even something as simple as what my oldest son once called “A shower in a can” as he sprayed himself with deodorant.

Victoria Nilsson, a coordinator for New York City Civic Corps at the Office of Emergency Management, talked about the practicalities of disaster preparedness. However, participants at Monday night’s session still had concerns about communication, and the group brainstormed about what should be done during similar types of emergency situations — such as having the city post fliers to disseminate urgent information.
Also participating in the program were representatives of the Project Hope Crisis Counseling Program, a community support and networking group formed after Hurricane Irene, and Ready New York, a campaign of the city’s Office of Emergency Management.
If you have small children, they can carry a bag too, it just has to be light enough for them. In true emergency you may get separated from them very easily and even as young as four can have skills to find ways to make due until you are able to unite once again. As is customary after takeoff everyone rolled out their sleeping bags and found whatever floor space was available in and around the pallets of cargo or under vehicles; then popped a couple ambin and entered into the “time warp”. I don’t worry about the reflective color because I generally place the pad inside of my bivy bag. The city’s emergency plan, which covers creating a support network, packing a to-go bag and a stay-at-home kit, is not only for hurricanes.
She travels to all five boroughs to train people for emergencies, doing one session per day.
Bug out bags are usually carried in a backpack but can also include duffle bags and plastic tote bins. It's chock-full of great ideas to organize your summer and enjoy great times with yours kids.Make Go Bags for your kids so that you are prepared for an evacuation in the case of an emergency. The second and third lines of sibling info will duplicate in both forms, but the top line will let you list different siblings. All the advice is good but also have a bugout bag with food and some survival gear in case your home is no longer suitable for living. This is crucial so that you do not feel isolated in an emergency zone, people will be able to deliver messages, and you’ll have somewhere to stay, if necessary. It usually consists of extra warm clothing, a sleeping bag, a tin can you can melt snow in, a candle, and food such as high energy bars. Again I’m talking about the 80% rule here, and if I should find myself in the .00001% category of people who are worried that “the eye of Mordor” is listening to my short range comms then gosh I guess I would just have to do without. If a disaster strikes while you are at work, a get home bag can provide you with the essentials you may need for a few hours. As I said this contains most of my essentials and I will just list them in no particular order along with some commentary.
Some people carry these items on their keychain, others carry them in a small bag or pouch.

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