A short video on how to fit an emergency rear derailleur hanger just in case your hanger gets bent out of alignment. I have already replaced the spare hanger and hopefully will continue to carry one as a spare for years to come and never need it. I now carry a spare derailleur hanger after having to make my bike into a makeshift single speed and finish 16 miles on it.

If your existing derailleur hanger busts, strips or is totally wonky, the Universal Hanger replaces the drive-side nut on your quick-release skewer so you can get the majority of your gear range back. I also carry an emergency derailleur hanger that can be used on any bike with a quick-release. If you've got a spare then even if you just bend the hanger moving the bike in the garage you can swap it and go, rather than being out of action for days or weeks waiting for a replacement.

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