This Wise Food Bucket Kit is a square stackable 15" x 12" x 10" sealed bucket that has Four Weeks of Food for one adult - 56 Servings = 2 Servings per day. Note: While these kits provide the CORE BASIC SUBSISTENCE for a 1 Month Food Supply they do not include the complete FDA recommended daily food and calorie intake per person. The Dehydration Process - In dehydration, food product moves through a drying chamber where air removes the moisture from the food.
Because the meals have a 25-year shelf life and won't need to be rotated every few years like other food storage products, they will save you thousands of dollars long-term.

Additional food requirements such as multivitamins, fresh vegetables and fruits, side dish and other items should be supplemented to maintain maximum health, if possible. Instead of using #10 cans-which when opened force you to eat enormous amounts of that particular food all at once to prevent rapid spoilage - this kits packages each meal in its own separate mylar pouch, thus eliminating waste. Easy to Prepare Traditional food storage items can be time-consuming and difficult to prepare. Minimal Storage Area Typical food storage can take an incredible amount of space to store that most families don't have.

With Wise Foods' ready-made meals, simply add hot water, wait 10-20 minutes, and you're ready to eat. Also, because the buckets are small and light (~10 lbs) and equipped with a handle, even children are able to grab and carry a month's supply of food, if needed.

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